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Playing The Expectations Game And Other Last-Minute Candidate Tricks

With just one week to go before Iowa voters head to the caucuses, polls show a tight race. What do the GOP candidates need to do to gain an edge?

A Moment From Rick Perry's Time On The Stump

All this week, we're highlighting moments from each of the presidential candidates' stump speeches. Today, we hear from Rick Perry in Muscatine, Iowa.

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson Won't Seek Re-Election

The race for the control of the Senate just got even more interesting. Democrats have 23 seats to defend. Republicans have 10. The GOP just needs a four-seat gain to take control of the chamber.

A Week Out In Iowa, Most Republican Presidential Candidates Are All In

Let the buses roll. A week before Iowa caucus-goers start the 2012 Republican presidential nominating contest, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were starting cross-state bus tours on Tuesday.

Congress Really Is As Bad As You Think, Scholars Say

Historians and educators are reaching back to the Civil War era to find a Congress so unable to perform basic duties. Two well-known Washington congressional scholars sum it up with a book they are writing, titled It's Even Worse Than It Looks.


Hating On Congress ... Justified?

Congress' approval ratings hit an all-time low in December, according to the polling firm Gallup. Host Michel Martin looks at why many Americans seemed to be frustrated with Congress. She hears from NPR Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving and Mark Eaton of the Capitol Steps, a musical political satire group.

Santorum Goes Hunting For Pheasants — And Votes — In Iowa

It was a clean photo op aimed squarely at Iowa's many hunters and gun owners. Santorum, wearing a hunter's orange NRA cap, talked about the need to nominate federal judges who would uphold second amendment rights.

Rick Santorum Hunts For Iowa's Pheasants, Votes

With just a week until the Republican caucuses, presidential candidate Rick Santorum spent Monday in Iowa. He took his teenaged son John pheasant hunting. Although Santorum's worked hard in Iowa, he's not won over the group he's targeted: social conservatives.