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Secret Service Investigates Claim That Romney's Tax Returns Were Stolen

An anonymous ransom note causes a stir by alleging that Pricewaterhouse Coopers' network was hacked — and copies of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's tax returns were copied.

Democratic Convention Draws Troubled Homeowners

As Democrats gather for their national convention in Charlotte, N.C., troubled homeowners have also converged on the city. They have come to voice their dissatisfaction with how the Obama administration and the nation's big banks have handled the foreclosure crisis.

Florida, Colorado Voter Purges Net Few Noncitizens, So Far

State officials express confidence that a federal immigration database will expose more ineligible voters, but critics say the effort harms eligible minorities.

For Some Black Voters, 2012 Is A Different Story

In 2008, African-Americans turned out in record numbers to help elect America's first black president. Their support remains high, but their enthusiasm is not what it used to be. At the Democratic National Convention, African-Americans reflect on the last four years and why some are not as excited.


Democrats Vote To Restore 2008 Platform Language On Jerusalem

Introducing language that declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel drew cheers and boos.
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Focus On Gender Gap Misses Deeper Impacts Of Women's Issues

So-called "women's issues" are a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign season so far, but several prominent advocates for women say these issues actually affect most voters.


Recession Still Hurting U.S. Families Trying To Put Food On The Table

A USDA report shows that 18 million households are struggling with the lingering effects of the recession. Particularly hard hit are households with children headed by single mothers who may be working but aren't earning enough to get by without assistance.