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Republican Primary Calendar In Chaos

The Florida Legislature is likely to move its primary up to Jan. 31. That move will have a domino effect on primaries and caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

Mitch Daniels: Avoid 'Fiscal Niagara' On Social Security

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels urges adjusting the Social Security system in his new book, Keeping the Republic. In the book, Daniels writes that Carlo Ponzi — the con man whose name became synonymous with a swindling scheme — would make "an ideal Social Security commissioner."
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VP Biden Visits Alexandria Police Dept.

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Vice President Joe Biden visited the Alexandria Police Department Thursday to highlight the parts of the American Jobs Act that go to the hiring of first responders.


It Took Only 5 Minutes? House Votes To Stay Funded

A few members voted Thursday in five minutes and two seconds to keep the government funded for four days — or until their colleagues return next week. Astonishing, considering it took the entire months of June and July for Congress to decide to continue paying bills it had already incurred.

Can Rick Perry Regain His Momentum?

The Texas governor rocketed to the top of the field after he entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination last month. But his wobbly debate performances have reversed his momentum and led many Republicans to say he needs to make some big changes — and fast.

Law Doesn't Mark End Of Alabama Immigration Battle

The toughest-in-the nation measure went into effect Thursday, one day after a federal judge held up key provisions. But opponents and supporters expect the legal fight to continue.

Romney Withstands Perry Surge To Retake GOP Lead In National Poll

The Massachusetts governor may be back on track to the Republican presidential nomination. His rival from Texas has lost much of his initial luster because of dubious debate performances and controversial stances on at least three issues.