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Congress At Impasse Over Must-Pass Measures

The thing Democrats really want is the thing Republicans hate. And the thing Republicans want is the thing Democrats are against. And yet, somehow between now and Christmas, most political watchers believe the partisan differences will quietly be worked out.
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CQ Roll Call: Yet Another Last Minute Federal Budget Deal, Redistricting In Texas

It's looking as though Congress will pass yet another federal budget deal at the last moment, while the Supreme court weighs in on a precedent-setting Texas redistricting case.


Oregon Senator Pushes Local Pears For School Lunches

Pears sound like a healthful school lunch treat, but not if they're Comice pears. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says they don't qualify for kids who get free lunches, but a senator wants to change that.
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GOP Candidate Drops Out Of D.C. Council Race

Republican Tim Day has dropped out of the race for the at-large D.C. council seat currently held by Michael A. Brown, leaving just one GOP candidate in the running.

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Full Plate In Congress Before Winter Recess

Among other issues to wrap up this week, members of Congress also have to agree on a bill that will fund the federal government after this Friday.


Gingrich Lacks Extensive Iowa Ground Organization

GOP presidential hopefuls Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney currently lead the pack of Republican candidates. Prior to last week, Gingrich didn't have much of an organization to speak of in Iowa.

U.S. Troops Leaving Iraq This Year; Obama Could Benefit Next Year

The last American troops are coming home from Iraq this month, and President Obama is marking the occasion with a series of events to commemorate the conclusion of the war. On Wednesday at Fort Bragg, N.C., he and the first lady will thank troops for their service.