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How Birth Control And Abortion Became Politicized

Historian Jill Lepore writes about the early history of the birth control and abortion movements in this week's New Yorker. "I think it's easy to lose perspective [that] actually the arguments made by one side or another have switched sides over time more than once," she says.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Faces Electoral Boycott

The low voter turnout at Tuesday's run-off election in Liberia was preceded by violent clashes. Opposition leader Winston Tubman refused to participate in the vote, so there was no rival candidate for incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa's first democratically elected female head of state. Host Michel Martin discusses the vote's impact on Liberia's post-civil war recovery with journalist Ledgerhood Rennie.

Winners, Losers From Off-Year Elections

On Tuesday, two GOP-backed measures were struck down: Mississippi's amendment that would've defined fertilization as the start of life, and Ohio's measure to uphold a law curbing collective bargaining rights for public workers. Host Michel Martin explores what these results might mean for the 2012 elections. She speaks with former Obama administration staffer Corey Ealons and GOP strategist Ron Christie.

Sound And Fury Of Protest Movements

Music has long been used as a call for change. What is the history of music as political discourse, and is an anthem brewing for some of today's protest movements? Host Michel Martin hears from Dorian Lynskey, author of 33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History of Protest Songs, From Billie Holiday to Green Day.
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National Journal: Election Night Leaves Virginia Dems Down, But Not Out

Virginia elections shake up the state legislature, carving a rough road for Democrats in 2012, and Washington State voters approved privatized liquor sales.


Cain Accuser Says She Didn't Want Controversy

Karen Kraushaar hoped details of her harassment claim would stay secret. She didn't want controversy. Meanwhile, the AP has details of a complaint she filed against another employer. And a Cain aide falsely claimed Kraushaar's son works for Politico.

2011 Election Results: Mixed Messages

As news outlets try to figure out what Tuesday's election results tell us about what voters are thinking, they're reaching various conclusions.
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GOP Celebrates Wins In Virginia Senate

It came down to the wire for some Virginia Republicans on Election Day, but the GOP declared victory in the State Senate before the night was through.


Political Math: Social Security Cuts Don't Add Up

Lowering payments to Social Security recipients would help slash budget deficits and even reduce wealth inequality. But there's little support among Democrats or Republicans, the young or the old for cutting the safety net.