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Van Hollen's Speech Captures DNC Attention

Maryland delegates at the Democratic National Convention are keeping their eyes on Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen who they say is a rising star.


Clinton And Other Dems Did Some Cherry-Picking, Fact Checkers Say

While independent watchdogs aren't slamming Democrats for fudging the facts, they are finding some problems with what was said Wednesday by the former president and others on the convention stage in Charlotte, N.C.


Campaign Uses Convention To Spread Obama's Vision

Steve Inskeep talks to Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager of the Obama Campaign, about preparations for the fall presidential campaign and how the state of the economy will affect the debate.

Never Too Early To Prepare For Presidential Debates

Presidential debate coaches from past campaigns say things used to be much simpler. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is spending three days in Vermont this week preparing for next month's debates. President Obama has started his debate preparations too.

First Lady Urges Delegates To Round Up Voters

Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she made the rounds in Charlotte, N.C. talking to groups of delegates. The way to fight back, she said, was for delegates to step up their person-to-person ground game aimed at winning more votes for her husband.

Bill Clinton Captivates Delegates, Nominates Obama

On the second night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., former President Bill Clinton made a rousing case for President Barack Obama to be re-elected to a second term. Clinton went through all the GOP arguments — answering each charge.

N.J. Mayor Booker Backs Democratic Party Platform

Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, N.J., presented the Democratic Party platform this week at the convention in Charlotte, N.C. Booker tells Steve Inskeep the economy is in a much better place than it was four years ago when Barack Obama first ran for president.

Thousands Shut Out Of Obama' Acceptance Speech

President Obama was to deliver his acceptance speech at an outdoor football stadium in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday. But citing a chance of thunderstorms, the campaign decided to move the speech indoors to the smaller convention center. Some Republicans say the move was made because Democrats couldn't fill all the stadium seats.

Improviser In Chief: Clinton Text Vs. Audio

The same Bill Clinton who was known for winging it through speeches as president and as a candidate was at it again Wednesday night, departing from the prepared text for his address to the Democratic convention. Compare the prepared text with the audio and video.

Five Takeaways From Wednesday At The Democratic Convention

A classic Bill Clinton speech, a defense of Obamacare from women and a platform distraction were highlights from the DNC in Charlotte.