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Backlash Over Eurozone Austerity Measures

The Dutch government falls and Spain slips back into recession. Fallout from German-imposed austerity measures and new concerns over eurozone economies


Romney's Small, Weekend Morale Boosts Don't End His Santorum Troubles

The new week starts essentially where the old one ended. Santorum continues to lay claim to an important part of the Republican Party as Gingrich recedes and Romney struggles to recapture the aura of inevitability he and his campaign have counted on carrying them to the nomination.
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Obama Unveils Budget at Northern Virginia Community College

Obama's 2013 budget is expected to include education initiatives and the District's budget oversight.
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Lawmakers Voice Priorities Ahead Of Obama's 2013 Budget Release

Lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia are expressing their spending priorities for President Obama's 2013 budget.

Contraception, Abortion: A Reminder That It's Not Just The Economy, Stupid

Conventional wisdom says the presidential election will be decided on the state of the economy. But, as recent controversies attest, don't be surprised if the culture wars — battles over abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage — also play a role.
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Gray Lauds Obama's Push For D.C. Budget Autonomy

A provision in Obama's proposed 2013 budget calls for D.C. to spend its local tax dollars without having to go through Congress.

Obama's Budget: Political Tool Or Spending Plan?

Deficit reduction takes a back seat to job growth in the federal budget President Obama will unveil Monday. Republicans criticized the spending plan for raising taxes without doing more to stem the deficit. That disagreement is likely to frame the debate between now and the November election.