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The Candidate Is Fake; The Consultants Are Real

Yesterday, we had economists create their dream presidential platform. Today, we seek professional help to launch our fake presidential candidate.

Swing-State Billboards Warning Against Voter Fraud Stir Backlash

Civil rights groups and Democrats complain that the billboards — many located in black, Hispanic and student-dominated neighborhoods — are meant to intimidate voters. The source of the billboards is an anonymous "private family foundation."

Underdog Democrat Is Keeping Things Close In Nevada Senate Race

It's not just the presidential contest that's being watched in swing state Nevada. GOP Sen. Dean Heller's race against Democrat Shelley Berkley is also seen as a tossup. That's a bit of a surprise for Republicans, who have counted on retaining the seat as they try to build a Senate majority.

A Watch Party In China For The U.S. Presidential Debate

Gathering voters to watch a presidential debate and then evaluate it is a long tradition in American journalism. So, I got to thinking: What would happen if I invited a bunch of interested foreigners — all of them Chinese citizens — to watch the presidential debate from my Shanghai office?
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Efforts To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Use (Rebroadcast)

Voters in Colorado, Oregon and Washington state weigh in on ballot initiatives that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. Federal law, state initiatives and the ongoing debate over legalizing pot.

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POTUS Among Us: Washington Improv Theater Satirizes Presidential Campaign

As we move toward Election Day, we go inside Washington Improv Theater's satirical, off-the-cuff production POTUS AMONG US, which takes the audience through a whirlwind national election cycle.
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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney continue to battle after a contentious debate. A plot to bomb the New York Federal Reserve Bank is foiled. And U.S. home building surges.


How Conservatives Learned To Love Mitt Romney

His rise in the polls has been accompanied by a shift to the middle that conservatives had long feared. But because Romney triumphed in direct debate with President Obama, the right is embracing him like never before. Says one conservative leader: "They really get the feeling their guy can win."

For One Night, Obama And Romney Will Trade Jokes, Not Jabs

Just as Sen. John McCain and soon-to-be President Obama did in 2008 — and other presidential contenders did before them — the candidates will be at a New York charity dinner tonight. They're expected to have fun, not fight.