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Veteran N.C. Political Strategists See Obama Path To Winning Tar Heel State

President Obama and Mitt Romney are both vying for the traditionally red state of North Carolina. While some Republicans see no way Obama can win, two political strategists with long careers in the state, one a Republican, the other a Democrat, say Obama has a very good chance of repeating his 2008 upset in the state.

Revisiting Conventions Of Elections Past

NPR political editor Ron Elving and host Scott Simon go back in time to big moments in political conventions of the past.

Ahead Of Conventions, Candidates Hone Message

Side trips into tax returns and birth certificates notwithstanding, both presidential candidates say they are the best bet for the beleaguered middle class.

Romney Reboot? Convention Could Be The Ticket

Mitt Romney has spent the better part of a decade running for president, yet the former Massachusetts governor remains an enigma to many voters. In coming days, Romney has the opportunity to begin a fuller introduction as he accepts his party's nomination at the Republican National Convention.

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Faith And Politics: Mormon Influence

One poll found that 25 percent of Americans won't vote for a Mormon, and many who are unfamiliar with the faith are intrigued by it. We talk with a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who now studies the sociological aspects of the faith, including its interplay with politics.


In Akin's Wake, Ryan Defends Anti-Abortion Record

Since Republican Rep. Todd Akin first said the words "legitimate rape" last weekend, just about everyone in the Republican Party has condemned those comments. That includes vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. But it's also put a spotlight on Ryan's anti-abortion legislation and voting record.