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How Health Care Ruling Could Shift The GOP Debate

In the lead-up to next week's Supreme Court arguments on the health care act, Republicans have been energized by their desire to see the law repealed. But if the Supreme Court strikes it down, the ruling could complicate the GOP race.


After House, Senate Pushes JOBS Act Through

The Senate again tried to add some investor protections to the JOBS bill, which otherwise would remove SEC oversight from companies with as big as $1 billion in sales that are going public.


Obama Pitches Oil And Pipeline In Oklahoma

The second day of President Obama's all-of-the-above energy tour brought him to Oklahoma.


Romney Aide's Etch A Sketch Gaffe Won't Be Easily Erased

The Etch A Sketch gaffe boils down into one rectangular piece of plastic the prevailing perception of the GOP front-runner: that his political stances are more situational than even the average politician's, that he'll say whatever he feels he needs to say to win an election.

WAMU 88.5

The Politics Hour

WAMU, 88.5 reporter Patrick Madden joins Kojo and Tom Sherwood to preview the upcoming primaries in Washington, D.C. on April. 3.


Insider-Trading Ban Passes Congress, But Some See Missed Opportunity

The Senate passed a bill Thursday to explicitly ban insider trading by members of Congress and the executive branch. But the legislation, known as the STOCK Act, is quite a bit weaker than earlier versions.