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On Perry's Turf, Romney Aims Jab At 'Career Politicians'

They "got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out," Romney declared, without mentioning his rival for the Republican presidential nomination.

Costs Of Irene Add Up As FEMA Runs Out Of Cash

It's not yet certain what the total cost of Hurricane Irene will be, but it's likely to add up to several billion dollars. That means tough choices for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which has had to deal with a string of natural disasters this year.

In Irene, Politicians Navigate Tides Of Public Opinion

President Obama, like every other politician in America, has the lessons of Hurricane Katrina seared into his memory. During and after Hurricane Irene, he and his team appeared on top of the situation. But natural disasters are one of the ironies of politics — a competent response won't help much, but an incompetent one can really hurt.

Obama Names Krueger Chief Economic Adviser

President Obama nominated Princeton University economist Alan Krueger to chair the White House Council of Economic Advisers. The appointment comes as Obama prepares to unveil a new jobs package.

Powell Isn't Sure He'll Support Obama In 2012 Race

It was a big story when former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican, endorsed Democrat Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. So it's news that this weekend Powell said he hasn't decided if he will vote for Obama in 2012.

Libyan Rebels Gain Ground, Perry Leads U.S. Polls

Rebels' advances in Libya are renewing praise and criticism for the country's leader. Americans are questioning how Barack Obama's support of the rebels will affect his 2012 presidential campaign. And Texas Governor Rick Perry is changing the picture for the GOP presidential candidates. Host Michel Martin talks politics with Politico's Cornell Belcher and Republican strategist Ron Christie.

Barbershop: King's Legacy, Civil Rights, Gay Rights

With this week's unveiling of the MLK, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall, the Barbershop guys weigh in on what King's legacy means today. They also debate whether gay rights and civil rights are the same. Host Michel Martin talks with author Jimi Izrael, civil rights attorney Arsalan Iftikhar, syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette, and Latina Magazine Vice President Javier Morgado.

King Friend: Democrats Should 'Love Their Enemies'

Former Ambassador Andrew Young contends that President Obama is "doing the best he can," but he complains that Democrats "don't understand what's happening economically." He casts the Tea Party as a "vestige" of white segregationist politics and cautions Democrats not to cede the South in 2012.

Black Candidate Wins Gubernatorial Primary In Miss.

Johnny DuPree made history Tuesday by winning the Democratic primary runoff for governor in Mississippi, where an African-American hasn't been elected for statewide office since Reconstruction. Host Michel Martin and DuPree discusses the primary win and upcoming general election.

Puerto Rican Governor Faces Opposition To Pipeline

Gov. Luis Fortuno wants to build a 92-mile natural gas pipeline to help bring down energy costs. But more than two-thirds of the island's residents oppose its construction, and a majority don't believe it will lower their bills. The project has also drawn criticism in Congress.