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Enthusiasm For Romney Runs Low In Fla. Panhandle

Many in this bastion of conservative voters still see GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as "not my first choice." Still, the prospect of another term for President Obama is likely to motivate conservatives to fall in line behind Romney, observers say.

High-Profile Primaries In Three States On Tuesday

The presidential primaries are no longer competitive, but there are three important non-presidential primaries on Tuesday. The first is an Indiana Republican Senate primary in which veteran Senator Dick Lugar's career is on the line. The second is a vote in North Carolina on a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage — as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships. The third pivotal vote of the day is the Democratic primary for Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall election. Melissa Block talks with Ron Elving.

GOP Senators Block Democrats' Student Loan Bill

GOP Senators hope for a hearing on their plan after Democrats couldn't get the votes necessary to move the bill to debate.

Romney Praises Bill Clinton As New Democrat, Bashes Obama As Old One

In a speech in Lansing, Mich. in which he talked up his approach to the economy while disparaging President Obama's, Mitt Romney gave Bill Clinton a surprising rhetorical embrace considering the thought of the 42nd president still causes many Republicans' blood pressure to rise.

Why Does Diversity In Banking Matter?

Stuart Ishimaru has a tough task ahead of him. He's responsible for measuring diversity in the financial world, as the new head of the Office of Women and Minority Inclusion, in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Host Michel Martin speaks with Ishimaru about why promoting diversity in banking and other financial institutions matters.