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Romney, Obama Butt Heads On Role Of Government

This week Republican challenger Mitt Romney accused President Obama of crediting government for small business success. That distorts what Mister Obama actually said, but behind the brickbats is a real and important debate over the role of government.

Double Standard? Candidates, Politicians And Taxes

Mitt Romney has been chastised for his refusal to release tax returns for more than the last two tax years. In a piece for McClatchy Newspapers, congressional and economic correspondent David Lightman points out that just 17 of 535 members of Congress have provided tax returns when asked.
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Poll Shows Gray's Numbers Slipping Amidst Scandal

The scandals surrounding Mayor Vincent Gray's 2010 campaign have taken their toll on his standing with the D.C. public, as polls show his ratings are down.

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Jeff Faux: "The Servant Economy" (Rebroadcast)

An economist describes the financial decline of the middle class and why he believes neither political party will stop it.


Six Policies Economists Love (And Politicians Hate)

A summary of the economic policies that won a thumbs-up from our broad spectrum of economists — and would probably prove toxic to any actual presidential candidate.
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The Politics Hour

D.C. Council member David Catania sits down with the Politics Hour crew.

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Virginians Say Obama's Policies Are A Mixed Bag

Virginia is considered a key swing state in November's Presidential election, and according to a recent poll, residents of the commonwealth like some of the President's policies more than others.


Are Romney Critics Really Attacking His Success?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital and his refusal to release more extensive tax records continue to dog his campaign. Host Michel Martin takes up these topics and other political news of the week with Republican strategist Ron Christie and Joy-Ann Reid, managing editor of The Grio.com.