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IRS Caught Between Parties On Tax-Exempt Groups

One of the biggest players in contested Senate races this year has been Crossroads GPS, a social welfare non-profit group that can conceal the names of its donors. Now, top GOP senators are telling the IRS to back off new rules that could make it harder for groups like Crossroads to operate.

Romney Attacks President On Welfare; Obama Team Alleges Hypocrisy

Mitt Romney's campaign charged President Obama with weakening work requirements for welfare recipients by offering waivers to the law. But Obama's campaign says that, as Massachusetts governor, Romney requested waivers as well.

One Clue To Romney's Veep Pick: Whose Wiki Page Is Getting The Most Edits?

If campaign aides get busy scrubbing those Wiki pages, it could be a sign that a choice has been made. That's what happened in 2008. Right now, Republican Sen. Rob Portman's Wiki page seems to be getting the most activity.
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Virginia Elections Board Won't Investigate Voter Registration Nonprofit

The Virginia Board of Elections has opted not to investigate mailings sent to state residents by a D.C.-based nonprofit after the Romney campaign had called for the investigation after reports of the mailings being sent to ineligible voters. 


On The Road In Florida: Hard Times, Politics And Smoked Bat

Hot Rod's BBQ is hard to miss in somewhat sleepy Lutz, Fla. — part of a swing county that could be key to deciding the presidential election. Along with his new hot sauce, "Hot Rod" Gaudin served up his political views. And got a vegetarian journalist to try what the menu billed as smoked bat.

Will Tea Party Star Marco Rubio Get GOP VP Nod?

Among the Tea Party successes in the 2010 congressional elections was U.S. Sen. Mark Rubio of Florida. The Cuban-American is a plus for Republicans, a party that polls show has been losing ground with Hispanics.