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Sequestration Threatens To Slash Billions From Budget

Lawmakers in the region are terrified about the steep budget cuts hanging over the federal budget, but they're still struggling to get past partisan differences that have prevented a deal.

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Obama And Romney Focus On Virginia

After the first presidential debate wrapped up in Denver, both candidates are turning their attention to Virginia.


Voter Registration Deadlines Begin Passing This Week

If you want to vote in the November elections and you aren't registered yet — you'd better hurry. The registration deadline in five states is this weekend. By the following weekend, the deadline will have passed in more than half the states.

Republicans Thrilled With Romney's Debate Showing

Audie Cornish speaks with Mara Liasson about Wednesday night's first presidential debate in Denver.

Obama Criticized For Not Pushing Back During Debate

A day after the first debate, President Obama campaigned in Denver and Wisconsin.

Romney's Tax Policy Still Has Holes After Debate

In Wednesday night's debate, President Obama said Mitt Romney's tax plan would cut government revenues by $5 trillion. Romney said that wasn't true and that he wouldn't propose any tax cut that would add to the deficit. Audie Cornish talks with John Ydstie about an exchange that left many people scratching their heads.

Michelle Obama Bests Ann Romney In Cookie Contest

Michelle Obama has bested Ann Romney in Family Circle magazine's latest "First Lady Cookie Contest." It's been held for 20 years, since Hillary Rodham Clinton tweaked cookie bakers everywhere with a derisive comment to her own critics that she "could have stayed home and baked cookies" rather than pursue her career." And while it's meant as good, tasty fun, it does have its critics, who wonder if a potential First Gentlemen would be asked to prove himself by baking cookies. Audie Cornish and Melissa Block have more.

Romney Takes A Mini Victory Lap After First Debate

A day after the big debate in Denver, GOP challenger Mitt Romney campaigned in Virginia. Melissa Block talks to Ari Shapiro for more.

Step Aside, Reporters — Poets Take On The Debate

Pundits and reporters, step aside — we have poets with their thoughts on Wednesday night's presidential debate. One from the right, Mark Steyn, and the other from the left, Calvin Trillin.