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Maryland House Approves Public-Private Partnerships On Infrastructure

Maryland delegates approved a measure Saturday that would allow public-private partnerships on infrastructure projects.
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Tea Partiers Rally At Supreme Court Over Health Care

Members of the Tea Party rallied on Capitol Hill this weekend in opposition to Obama's signature health care law.

Cheney Gets Heart Transplant After 20-Month Wait

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has undergone a heart transplant in a hospital near Washington. Cheney, 71, was on the waiting list for a heart for 20 months, which is longer than the average wait time in the Washington area. His prognosis remains uncertain.

Cheney Begins Heart Transplant Recovery

Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent a heart transplant Saturday, after waiting 20 months for a donor.

Another Southern Win Keeps Santorum Optimistic

Rick Santorum had been expected to take the Republican presidential primary Saturday, but the size of the victory was a surprise. His triumph over national front-runner Mitt Romney, along with a recent gaffe by a Romney adviser, give the former senator hope.

Sunshine State Bets On Sunset For Health Care Act

While most states are scrambling to comply with the Affordable Care Act, Florida has a different, high-stakes strategy. Republican leaders are betting that the Supreme Court will strike down the law, and have rejected and returned federal grants to help develop a health care exchange.

In Health Case, Combustible Mix Of Politics And Law

Call it what you will — the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare — the historic law and its insurance requirement signed by the president in March 2010 has spawned heated political debates, multimillion-dollar special interest advertising campaigns and a slew of lawsuits with mixed outcomes.

A Legal Guide To The Health Care Arguments

Can the government force you to buy health insurance? We examine the issues at stake each day as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments over President Obama's health care overhaul.