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D.L. Hughley: Tough Words On Politics And Women

Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley has never shied away from controversy, offering his tough, unapologetic opinions on race, money, politics and even his family. Hughley joins host Michel Martin share his critique of American leaders and to talk about his new book. Advisory: This conversation may not be comfortable for all listeners.

Can A President Control Prices At The Pump?

Both candidates have been on their talking points about high gas prices. But Bloomberg Businessweek contributor Roben Farzad says there's only so much elected officials can do to control prices at the pump. He speaks with host Michel Martin as a part of NPR's "Solve This" series, looking at issues driving the election.

Down-Ballot Races Feel The Draft And Drag Of The Presidential Race

In races from U.S. Senate to state attorney general, candidates know their fortunes are largely tied to the respective fates of Mitt Romney and President Obama. Many acknowledge that a strong partisan wave threatens to wipe them away, so they're pushing to run ahead of their ticket.
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Voter Fraud And Intimidation (Rebroadcast)

Republicans are pushing efforts to crack down on voter fraud, but others say the problem is extremely rare. Debate over the scope of voter fraud and what's being done to prevent it.

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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney target swing states after the final debate. Federal prosecutors sue Bank of America for mortgage fraud. And new home sales rise to a two-and-a-half-year high. Diane and guests discuss the week’s top national stories: what happened and why.

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Maryland Organization Educates Immigrants About Voter Fraud

A group known for its effort to deport undocumented immigrants in Maryland says it has launched an outreach campaign to teach immigrants about voter fraud.


Millennials Discuss Why They'll Vote, And Why They Won't

A big question for both campaigns is what percentage of young Americans they can convince to participate in the presidential election. Public media stations on the West Coast set out to try and determine how engaged under-30 Americans are in this year's race. Here's what they found.
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Poll: Some Voters Find D.C.'s Closed Primary System Unfair

The District of Columbia has a long history of closed primaries, but many D.C. voters surveyed for a recent poll said they don't believe that's the fairest way to select local leaders.

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Absentee Ballots In Maryland Counties Missing Pages

Maryland State Board of Elections officials are urging absentee voters in Prince George's and Montgomery counties to check their ballots.