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Romney's Nevada Problems Explained By A Political Scientist Who Voted For Him

Nevada political scientist Eric Herzik, who twice voted for Romney in caucuses, told NPR's Don Gonyea that Mitt Romney isn't doing as well in the state as might have been expected, despite Nevada's nation-leading unemployment rate. He's failed to personally connect with voters and hasn't given enough details about his economic proposals, Herzik says.
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Your Turn

Weigh in on the presidential race, the Senate battle in Virginia, unrest in the Middle East, the NFL referee lockout, or anything else on your mind--it's your turn.


Weighing Candidates' Foreign Policies

Given the unrest in the Middle East and meetings at the U.N., there's been a lot of campaign talk about foreign policy. Guest host Celeste Headlee takes a look at how each candidate is addressing issues in the Middle East and Africa. She speaks with the Hisham Melhem of Al Arabiya and Mvemba Phezo Dizolele of the Hoover Institution at Stanford.
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Allen Ad Attacks Kaine For Tax Comment During Debate

Republican Senate candidate George Allen is attacking opponent Tim Kaine in a new ad, but Kaine — and one independent fact checker — say the ad is false. 


Amtrak Tests Faster Trains In Northeast Corridor

Amtrak's Acela Express trains are breaking the speed limit along some stretches in the Northeast corridor. The company it testing how its trains and tracks perform at speeds up to 165 mph. Tests are happening along four isolated stretches of track in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusett

Obama, Romney Campaign In Must-Win Ohio

Ohio is in the political spotlight Wednesday. President Obama will be stopping at college towns, courting the young voters who helped him win Ohio four years ago. GOP challenger Mitt Romney is finishing a bus tour that kicked off earlier this week by his running mate Paul Ryan.

Libertarian Candidate Could Be Election Spoiler

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in November in at least 47 states. The former Republican governor of New Mexico isn't likely to win any of them. But he just might siphon off enough votes from one of the other candidates to affect the outcome.
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Analysis: Renewing The Push To Release Maryland Resident Allen Gross From Cuban Prison

Maryland resident Allen Gross remains in a Cuban jail for allegedly bringing restricted communications equipment into the country. Senator Ben Cardin is leading a renewed push to see him freed.


Investigation Dims GOP's Hopes For Holding On To House Seat In Fla.

Republican Rep. David Rivera is under investigation in a case that involves allegations of cash-stuffed envelopes and a missing GOP campaign operative. Now, Democrats in Florida think they have a good chance of capturing his seat.