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Citizen's United Ruling Benefits Union Campaigners

Corporations weren't the only ones to benefit from the Citizens United ruling. The decision lets union activists mobilize non-union workers for the elections — something that had been illegal since 1947. The beleaguered labor movement hopes it will help in November.

Obama, Romney Hold Dueling Events In Ohio

President Obama made two campaign stops in Ohio on Wednesday. The state's economy is slightly better than the national average, and the auto bail out is seen as one key to that success. The president's Republican rival, Mitt Romney, was also in Ohio. For now, the swing state is looking favorably at Mr. Obama. Ari Shapiro talks to Melissa Block.

Obama Leads In Nevada Despite State's Poor Economy

Nevada is one of the eight most hotly contest battleground states of the 2012 election. President Obama carried it by a wide margin four years ago. But since he took office, the Nevada unemployment rate has gotten significantly worse and is now at 12.1 percent. Still, polls continue to show the race is very close there, with Mr. Obama holding a narrow lead, while Mitt Romney has so far been unable to capitalize on the state's deep economic woes.

One Way To Avoid Political Ads: Watch 'Dancing With The Stars'?

After tracking an hour of prime time in six swing states, we turned up just 12 political ads. Why? It turns out you're more likely to see ads during syndicated shows like Wheel of Fortune than on network shows.

Crunch Time For The Presidential Campaigns

With less than six weeks left until Election Day, both presidential campaigns are focusing their efforts on reaching out to voters in crucial swing states. Campaign observers and insiders weigh in on how strategies change as candidates race toward November.

Romney's Nevada Problems Explained By A Political Scientist Who Voted For Him

Nevada political scientist Eric Herzik, who twice voted for Romney in caucuses, told NPR's Don Gonyea that Mitt Romney isn't doing as well in the state as might have been expected, despite Nevada's nation-leading unemployment rate. He's failed to personally connect with voters and hasn't given enough details about his economic proposals, Herzik says.