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Boos Heard At GOP Debate After Gay Soldier Asks About 'Don't Ask'

His question was directed to former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. There was strong applause when the candidate repeated his position in favor of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that was ended this week.

Romney, Perry Dominate GOP Presidential Debate

Even though there were nine contenders, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry were the highlights of much of Thursday night's GOP presidential debate in Orlando, Fla. The two leading candidates had a chance to attack each others positions on social security, health care and immigration.

Sen. Lamar Alexander Gives Up Leadership Spot

The Senate leadership experienced a minor shakeup this week when Lamar Alexander announced he was giving up his No. 3 spot. He said he could accomplish more outside leadership than from within.

Obama's Jobs Bill Pitch: A Bridge To Nowhere?

The president traveled to Ohio's Brent Spence Bridge on Thursday to help sell his jobs bill. He says if the country doesn't invest in its infrastructure now, it will pay later. While everyone agrees the bridge is badly in need of repair, Republicans say the president's jobs bill won't get it done.

Obama To Waive Parts Of Bush-Era Education Act

The White House is announcing Friday that it will grant waivers to states that cannot meet the testing standards of the No Child Left Behind education law. But states will face strict scrutiny from Washington before they get these waivers.

A Foe Of Big Government Seeks Aid For Joplin

As a Tea Party freshman, Rep. Billy Long is one of the most conservative House members. But he represents Joplin, Mo., a city devastated by a powerful tornado — and helped by millions of dollars of federal relief spending.

Romney Ensures Perry Has Long, Hard Night At Orlando GOP Debate

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made the most of his opportunities not only to raise doubts for voters about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's hostility towards Social Security as a federal entitlement but Perry's character.