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Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger

Montgomery County voters will cast ballots on Tuesday that will settle a question on the rights of police union members to collective bargaining.


After A Long Campaign Season, A Blitz Through The Battleground

As the national polls showed a tight race, President Obama and Mitt Romney made their closing arguments.

GOP Tries To Keep Momentum Going For Romney

In the long presidential election campaign, both President Obama and Gov. Romney have surged in the polls and then fallen back. According to the latest opinion surveys, the race is too close to call. Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne talk to Bay Buchanan, a senior adviser to the Romney campaign.

What To Look For On Election Day: The Battle For The White House & Congress

This pre-election Political Junkie column focuses on all presidential swing states and key races for House and Senate.

Clock Counts Down On Presidential Campaigns

Tuesday is Election Day and the presidential race appears too close to call. Political oddsmakers have made President Obama the favorite to win, citing his narrow lead in key states, and also in recent days his narrow lead in most national polls. But even the oddsmakers admit there's a chance the president could lose.

America's Changing Face Presents Challenges For The GOP

In the final days before the election, the parties are doubling down on their convictions. Long-term demographics, however, suggest shifts in America's electorate that could mean big challenges for the Republican Party in coming years — but also could offer some new opportunities.