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Is Michigan Rebounding? Depends Who You Ask

The unemployment in Michigan is dropping as the auto industry rebounds, and the state has a budget surplus for the first time in many years. But many local leaders say they're not seeing a comeback. They believe state leaders are helping themselves — and the business community — at the expense of the well-being of cities.

Boston Takes Center Stage In Fight For White House

President Obama's campaign has tried to turn attention to Mitt Romney's tenure as governor of Massachusetts. It's a period Romney rarely discusses on his own. As Obama supporters brought their fight to Romney's backyard, Boston, Romney focused his attention on Obama's experience.

John Edwards Walks, But His Trial Is A Warning To Politicians

At first blush, the trial looks like it might do little to deter politicians from getting money from supporters and, with some sleight of hand, spend it on practically anything. While the verdict was clearly a loss for prosecutors, analysts believe it wasn't a total loss for campaign finance law.

Mistrial Declared In John Edwards Corruption Case

The jury has reached a not guilty verdict on one of the counts in the John Edwards corruption case. It was deadlocked on the other five counts and the judge declared a mistrial. Melissa Block talks to Jeff Tiberii of North Carolina Public Radio.

Judge In Edwards' Case Sends Jury Back To Deliberate

The jury has reached a verdict on one charge in the John Edwards corruption case. Melissa Block talks to Russell Lewis.

Romney's Foreign Policy Views Comfort, Unsettle GOP

Republicans who thought the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would change the party's traditional interventionist views are disappointed. On the other hand, many senior officials from the George W. Bush years feel comfortable with Romney.

Bushes Back In White House For Portrait Unveiling

The unveiling of George W. Bush's official painting at the White House brought the former president, his wife, father and mother back for the ceremony with the president and first lady.