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What Santorum's Exit Means For Romney

Rick Santorum's departure from the presidential race means Mitt Romney is finally in a position to draw to his ranks that part of the Republican electorate that until now has preferred his numerous rivals, virtually each of whom has risen to challenge him only to fall, the latest and last being the former senator from Pennsylvania.

In Defeat, Santorum Becomes Conservative Champion

Despite falling short in the quest for the Republican presidential nomination, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum has established himself as one of the dominant conservative voices in America, particularly when it comes to social issues such as abortion and birth control.

Santorum Suspends His Campaign

Rick Santorum, Republican candidate for president, has suspended his campaign. From his home state of Pennsylvania and surrounded by his family, Santorum told the assembled crowd that though his race was over, the fight to defeat President Obama would continue.

Santorum Bows Out, Suspends His Bid For The Republican Nomination

The former Pennsylvania senator, who has been Mitt Romney's main challenger in recent weeks for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, pitched himself as the one true conservative in the race.

George W. Bush Says He Doesn't Miss Being President

It was an "was unbelievably interesting experience," he says, but "I had plenty of the limelight."

For Economy, Government Work Is No Panacea

There are 700,000 fewer people working for state and local governments than there were before the recession. Although tax collections are improving, the public sector remains in no mood to hire.

'A Moon Colony Guy'? The Republican Campaign Returns

After a relative lull in campaigning, the Republican presidential candidates are back at it Tuesday in Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and Texas. And a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows President Obama leading prospective GOP nominee Mitt Romney — especially on likability.
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Maryland Senate President: Doomsday Budget 'Not Catastrophic'

Maryland Senate President Mike Miller talks about how negotiations on the state's budget and revenue package broke down in the final hours of the legislative session April 9.