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House To Debate Balanced Budget Amendment

The House of Representatives is set to debate this week a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget each year. It's part of the same mandate of this summer's debt ceiling law that more famously requires Congress to slash $1.2 trillion from the deficit or face automatic, across-the-board cuts.

Austrian School Economist Hayek Finds New Fans

Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek's arguments for free-market capitalism and against socialism and central planning made him a popular figure in 1940s America — and again today. His book got a boost last year when Glenn Beck discussed it on air. But some say Hayek and his book are misunderstood.

Wisconsin Democrats Launch Governor Recall Effort

Opponents of Republican Gov. Scott Walker have 60 days to collect 500,000 signatures to force the governor to face a recall election next spring. But getting those signatures in this sharply divided state may pose a bit of a challenge.

Foreign Policy A Fresh Target For GOP Hopefuls

While the economy has dominated the presidential race, a Republican debate this weekend put the focus on foreign affairs. The GOP presidential candidates tried to draw sharp contrasts with Obama, criticizing his handling of Iran, China and suspected terrorists.

Romney Banks On Lean, Low-Key Strategy In Iowa

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spent millions of dollars in Iowa in 2007 and 2008. He won the Ames Straw Poll but finished a distant second in the Iowa caucuses. This time, he's running a very different, and much smaller, campaign.

Bill Would Leave Cell Phones Open To Robocalls

Melissa Block speaks with Randall Stross about the "Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011." In his Digital Domain column for the New York Times, Stross writes that the act would clearly define what constitutes consent for receiving automated calls — also known as "robocalls" — on cell phones.

Deadline Approaches For Supercommittee's Deal

With the deadline for action from the deficit-cutting supercommittee just a week from Wednesday, not even the outlines of a deal have emerged. The 12-member group must approve at least $1.2 trillion in budget cuts and revenue increases — or unleash automatic cuts split between defense and domestic programs starting in 2013. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Melissa Block to provide an update.