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The Color Complex In The Black Community

Kojo talks with author and activist Marita Golden about the dividing line of skin color within the African-American community.


Obama Battling To Maintain Women's Vote, Seen As His Key To Victory

Four years ago, 56 percent of female voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama. But with a recent poll showing him tied with Mitt Romney among women, Obama has been working anew to sway the demographic seen as key to his hold on the White House. Romney has been working to stop him.

Senate Hopefuls Make Final Pitches

Candidates in tight Senate races across the U.S. squared off Thursday night for their final debates before Election Day. We hear excerpts from three of them: Missouri, Virginia and Connecticut.
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Voter Fraud And Intimidation

Republicans are pushing efforts to crack down on voter fraud, but others say the problem is extremely rare. Debate over the scope of voter fraud and what's being done to prevent it.

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Casting Your Vote In 2012

Diane and her guests provide an overview of the ways we are casting votes in 2012. They discuss potential disputes, provisional ballots and Hurricane Sandy's effect on the election.


Saying Moderator Is Prettier Than CNN's Crowley Gets Candidate In Trouble

Richard Carmona, a Democratic candidate for the Senate from Arizona, stepped into controversy by telling a male debate moderator that "you're prettier" than the CNN correspondent.

It's All Politics, Oct. 18, 2012

Presidential debate No. 2 is in the books, and the consensus is that — unlike debate No. 1 — President Obama came prepared for battle. For all the talk about "binders full of women," and what was said when after the events in Benghazi, Libya, Obama and Mitt Romney both made their cases. NPR's Ron Elving and Ken Rudin have the latest political roundup.

Candidates' Jabs: Funny Or Flat?

In theBarbershop, the guys discuss President Obama and Mitt Romney's comedic commentary at a famed dinner Thursday night. Host Michel Martin is joined by writer Jimi Izrael; civil rights attorney Arsalan Iftikhar; National Review columnist Mario Loyola and health care consultant Neil Minkoff.