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Congress May Not Be As Bad As All That

A government scholar says Washington has responded better to the economic downturn — certainly better than its European counterparts — than its reputation might lead people to believe. But not everyone is convinced.

Battles Over Voter ID Laws Intensify

Since 2008, controversial changes to state election laws have spread across the nation to restrict voter registration drives, scale back early voting periods or stop people from registering to vote on Election Day. Opponents say the new laws discriminate against minority voters.
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Cantor's Legislative Program Disappoints Democrats And Republicans

Both the far right and the left are berating Rep. Eric Cantor's summer legislative program for the U.S. House.


Fingers Point As Job Numbers Fall

Hiring ground to a halt across different industries in many parts of the country last month, according to the jobs report released on Friday. The news sent the Dow Jones plunging and gave President Obama's critics fresh material for attacks, but analysts see another story.

Why Political Ads In 2012 May All Look Alike

There's supposed to be a difference between a candidate's ads that are financed by relatively small and disclosed money, and the big-budget, secretly funded ads from outside groups. But this year, those supposed differences don't mean much.
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Maryland Gaming Advisory Group Holds First Meeting

A Maryland Advisory Committee held its first meeting Friday to discuss the possibility of expanding gaming in the state to Prince George's County.


Poor May Jobs Report A Blow To Obama Campaign

Bad numbers for job growth in May spoiled a day of campaigning for President Obama. He says the ailing Eurozone and gas prices have also hurt the U.S.