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Running The Government On Temporary Extensions

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a temporary measure to keep the government funded through mid-November. These temporary extensions are standard in Washington, and date back to the late 1800s. But they aren't without problems.

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr. Song From 'MNF' Over Hitler Remark

ESPN says it won't use Hank Williams Jr. in tonight's Monday Night Footballprogram, after the singer compared President Obama to Adolph Hitler earlier today. Williams made the remark on Fox News, while talking about Obama playing golf with Speaker John Boehner.

What Chris Christie Can Learn From Rick Perry's Latest Travails

Rick Perry's troubles hold good news and bad news for Chris Christie. Good news in that Perry has failed to capture the imagination of the base, and bad news that the intense scrutiny of a presidential campaign can unnerve even a confident campaigner who was wooed to enter.

What Motivated Oregon Voters To Raise Taxes?

When Oregonians voted last fall to increase income taxes on people making more than $125,000 a year, the campaign's success caught the attention of the White House. How did they do it? The campaign says its key message was "up-down," not "left-right." But a Portland real estate developer says the measures hurt the area.

How Many Small Businesses Would Be Hit By New Taxes On The Rich?

One GOP criticism of President Obama's proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy is that it would harm small businesses whose owners who make over $250,000 in taxable income. Would a new tax on the rich really harm the "engine" of America's job creation?

S. Carolina To Hold Primary Jan. 21

Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada are all expected to now move their caucuses and primaries up to maintain their traditional early spots in the presidential-nominee selection process calendar.