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How Democratic Trade Rift Could Give Rise To 'Tea Party' Of The Left

Intra-party turmoil could spill over into the next election, with labor groups threatening primaries against members — even those who sit in swing districts — who sided with the president.
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Could Public Money Transform The Way Politics Is Played In Montgomery County?

Many elected positions in diverse Montgomery County are held by white, male Democrats. Could public financing open the system to a new kind of candidate?


#TBT: White House Hopefuls Be Jammin'

The country may have serious problems, but we apparently do not want a president who takes himself (or herself) too seriously.

Pollster Tells GOP Presidential Candidates To Recognize Voter Demographics

Steve Inskeep talks to GOP pollster Whit Ayres about the 2016 Republican presidential field. What will take for the GOP to win the race? Ayres is working with Marco Rubio's presidential campaign.

Fact Check: Could Jeb Bush Really Grow GDP At 4 Percent? It's Hard To See How

The Republican candidate says he can create 4 percent GDP growth as president, but there's little evidence that a president really can cause that kind of growth alone.

Raised Around Cry For Smaller Government, Rand Paul Carries The Torch

In Lake Jackson, Texas, where Paul grew up, he learned politics and his small-government philosophy around his family's kitchen table.
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Complete Redrawing Of Virginia's Political Boundaries Could Be On The Way

Members of the Virginia General Assembly are expecting the governor to call a special session this summer as a reaction to a recent federal court decision throwing out the congressional districts. That could have drastic consequences that go beyond 2016.

Federal Reserve Delays Hike Of Low Interest Rates

After a two-day meeting with policymakers adjourned Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the economy is moving in the right direction but continues to recover.

Haitians Face Deportation From Dominican Republic As Deadline Nears

NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Michele Wucker, author of Why the Cocks Fight: Dominicans, Haitians, and the Struggle for Hispaniola, about the tensions between Dominicans and Haitians since 1929.

Nigerians Express Outrage Over Parliament's 'Wardrobe Allowance'

Nigerians are outraged over the clothing allowance given to lawmakers. In a country where the average person lives on dollars a day, the nation's 469 lawmakers will share a $43 million allowance.