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What Wisconsin's Recall Means For Labor Unions

The unsuccessful attempt to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may well embolden governors of other states to challenge unions in order to curb collective bargaining rights. One labor studies professor put it this way: "There will be other dominoes; other states will fall."
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Analysis: Reforming The Hatch Act For D.C., Modern Times

The 1939 Hatch Act prohibiting federal employees from using their jobs to partisan ends could never have anticipated modern communication.  GovExec's Kellie Lunney discusses the prospects and bounds of reform.


Grenell On Foreign Policy And Being Gay In The GOP

Richard Grenell recently explained that Mitt Romney chose him to serve as his foreign policy adviser based on his record and abilities. The Romney campaign, he says, also knew he was openly gay. Grenell explains why he resigned, and where Romney and President Obama differ on foreign policy.

Walker's Victory Tests Progressives' Strength

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived his recall election, a victory that may signal trouble for Democrats at the national level come November. NPR's Political Junkie columnist Ken Rudin and Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation talk about what Walker's victory means for progressives.
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ACLU Questioning Background Checks Of Leopold Enemies

Records obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union show that Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold ordered the criminal histories of his enemies to be checked. 


California Primary Sets Up Same-Party U.S. House Contests In November

California's new truly open primary has set up several single-party matchups in November for U.S. House seats. The state changed its primary system with an eye toward limiting partisan battles, which backers hope will give moderates a better chance of being elected.