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Super Committee Still Facing Partisan Differences

The congressional super committee's deadline to trim away nation's debt is few days away, but a solid deal is nowhere in sight.


What's At Stake, For The Supercommitee And Us

The supercommittee, charged with cutting federal deficits by at least $1.2 trillion over the next decade, is down to the final days before its Nov. 23 deadline, and the group appears to be at an impasse. NPR's Tamara Keith and Mara Liasson talk with host Audie Cornish to explain both the economic and political consequences of supercommittee success or failure.

Obama Trip Spotlights Asia, But Can U.S. Refocus?

President Obama returns to Washington Sunday after an unusually long, 10-day trip to Asia. The president is keen to spread the word that the U.S. is shifting its focus to the region, which he sees as a major source for economic growth and new U.S. jobs in the coming century. Host Audie Cornish talks to NPR's Anthony Kuhn in Bali, Indonesia, about what the trip achieved.

GOP Hopefuls Open Up In Bid For Christian Vote

Six of the presidential candidates gathered in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday for a roundtable discussion. The event, sponsored by the state's leading conservative Christian political force, did not touch on the economy, and at times had an emotional and confessional tone.

GOP Candidates Seek Social Conservative Support at Iowa Forum

Six GOP presidential candidates vying for the support of social conservatives took part in a wide-ranging forum that featured discussion over abortion, gay marriage and the role of religion in public life. But notably absent was former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who declined the invitation.