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Candidates Trade Fire Over Coal In Ohio

In a state with huge coal reserves, both presidential candidates are trying to show their support with competing ads. It's an issue that could make a difference in winning the key swing state.
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Four Bond Issues On The Arlington Ballot

Arlington voters have four bond issues on the ballot this November, and the prospects for all of them look good, since voters haven't turned down a bond measure since 1979.


Tale Of The Tape: The VP And His Challenger

Vice President Biden and the Republican hoping to replace him, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, face off for their sole debate Thursday in Danville, Ky. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two men.
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The Politics And Potential Of Wind Power

The role of wind in U.S. energy policy is a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign. Diane and her guests discuss the politics of wind power, its potential to create jobs and the debate over tax incentives.


N.J. Gov. Christie To Keynote Romney's Convention

The man some Republicans once hoped would be their party's 2012 presidential nominee, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, will instead deliver the keynote speech at the national convention that will make Mitt Romney the GOP's official standard bearer.

Melons, Squash, Cash: A Million-Dollar Donor Sprouts

Until recently, Amy Goldman, the author of lavish books about heirloom fruits and vegetables, didn't have much interest in politics. But her concern about women's health led her to donate $1 million to a pro-Obama superPAC — and another million to Planned Parenthood's political arm.

Racial Diversity Absent From GOP Presidential Ticket

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in Miami, where he courted Cuban-American voters Monday. They're one of the few minority communities that vote solidly Republican. In a news conference Monday, Romney suggested voters don't care about a candidate's race.

Obama Warns Iowans GOP Ideas Aren't Solutions

President Obama continues his campaign bus trip across Iowa. He's traveling from west to east, drawing sharp contrasts with the Republican ticket. Obama warned some jobs could be in jeopardy if a wind power tax credit is allowed to expire, as Romney has proposed.

Hecklers Interrupt Ryan At Iowa State Fair Stop

On Monday, GOP Rep. Paul Ryan made his first solo campaign trip since being named Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate. Ryan went to the Iowa State where candidates are a common sight. Ryan drew a big crowd but it wasn't always friendly.