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Step Aside, Reporters — Poets Take On The Debate

Pundits and reporters, step aside — we have poets with their thoughts on Wednesday night's presidential debate. One from the right, Mark Steyn, and the other from the left, Calvin Trillin.

Obama's Top Advisers Have Dissed His Debate Chops Before

Despite President Obama's celebrated gift for oratory, the Obama supporters least surprised by his underwhelming performance against Mitt Romney may have been two of his top advisers.

What Obama And Romney Left Out In First Debate

Mitt Romney proved he can go head-to-head with President Obama in the first of three debates. The consensus is that Romney won the night with a performance Republicans hope brings new life to his campaign. NPR's Ron Elving talks about the debate and what the candidates did — and didn't — say.

Friday's Jobs Report Is Campaign's Next Key Moment, Here's What To Expect

It's likely the Bureau of Labor Statistics will say the jobless rate ticked higher and that job growth was slow again in September, economists say. The presidential campaigns will surely be discussing the numbers.
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The Politics Hour

The Nats are in the playoffs, and the Politics Hour crew is kicking it into overdrive.


That's Why Incumbents Used To Say No

Since 1976, seven sitting presidents have agreed to debate their major challengers — and nearly all of them suffered for it. Three won re-election; three lost re-election. President Obama will be the tiebreaker.
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How The Electoral College Works (Rebroadcast)

The presidential election will be decided not by popular vote but by 538 electors in the Electoral College. Debate over how America elects its president.

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"The Rational Southerner"

Kojo talks with political scientist Quentin Kidd about the evolution of partisanship in the South.