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Cracking Down On Wildlife Trafficking

International wildlife trafficking has become more organized, lucrative and lethal. Efforts by the U.S. State Department to crack down on the illegal trade.

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The Mortgage Interest Deduction And The U.S. Housing Market

The mortgage interest deduction is a key factor in many household budgets and the overall housing market. Who would be hurt and who would be helped if Congress changes the rules.

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Maryland Lawmakers, Waiting For Fiscal Cliff, Hold Off On State Budget Talks

Maryland's top lawmakers want to hold off on major state budget talks until Congress finishes negotiations on pending across the board budget cuts known  as the fiscal cliff.

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Debt Ceiling Debate Resurfaces In Fiscal Cliff Talks

Members of Congress end the week with little progress on fiscal cliff negotiations and the worry that another fight over the debt ceiling could become part of those talks.


Tea Party May Be Losing Steam, But Issues Still Boil

While the movement loses popularity nationwide, it's still a force in the GOP. When it comes to fiscal cliff negotiations, however, Tea Party members in Congress seem resigned to the fact that any eventual deal will be one they won't like. That doesn't mean the Tea Party spirit can't be recharged.

Boehner Faces Conservative Backlash Over Fiscal Cliff Talks

As House Speaker John Boehner tries to work with President Obama to prevent automatic tax increases and spending cuts, he is taking heat from members of his own party. Some conservatives think he gave up too much, too soon in his opening offer.

DeMint's Exit Creates Political Ripples, Raises Questions For Tea Party

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., an early supporter of the Tea Party movement who helped foster its growth in Congress and work for the election of like-minded lawmakers, is leaving to run the conservative Heritage Foundation. His exit set in motion political maneuvers from Columbia, S.C., to Washington, D.C.