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Gay Marriage On Ballot In Four States; Obama Endorses Measures

Each of the 30 states to consider constitutional amendments that would outlaw such unions has adopted the ban. That may change on Election Day, when voters in Maryland, Washington, Maine and Minnesota make their decision on whether to recognize gay marriage.

Romney: Obama's Policies Slowed The Recovery

After a week full of campaigning across several battleground states, Mitt Romney delivered an economic policy address in Ames, Iowa, on Friday.

Akin Slowly Regains Support After 'Legitimate Rape'

Less than two weeks out from the election, the Democratic Senate seat the GOP figured would be easiest to pick off seems maddeningly out of reach. In Missouri, Republican candidate Todd Akin remains dogged by his "legitimate rape" comment. Mainstream Republican groups have stayed away from the race, and Democrat Claire McCaskill appears to be in good shape to win a second term.

Economists: Romney's 12 Million Jobs Target Realistic, Even If He Loses

Mitt Romney's pledge to add 12 million jobs to the economy over four years may sound like a very big number, especially coming out of a deep recession followed by three years of lackluster job growth. But some economists say it's realistic, and even if President Obama wins re-election.

Why The Economy Won't Help Obama — Or Romney

The economy is growing and consumer confidence is rising. But the data are too mixed to point to a robust economy. And it may be too late anyway to change voters' impressions.

It's All Politics, Oct. 25, 2012

Now comes the debate over the debates. No matter who "won" or "lost," it's clear that there has been momentum building toward Mitt Romney since he first debated President Obama. Plus, in Indiana, GOP candidate Richard Mourdock's comments about rape, pregnancy and God put his Senate bid in jeopardy.