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Rep. Allen West To Black Voters: Give GOP A Chance

Host Michel Martin speaks with Republican Congressman Allen West, who represents Florida's 22nd district. They discuss what voters in the Sunshine State are looking for in Tuesday's primary, and what he's doing to attract more African-Americans to vote Republican.

Spokesman Rejects Report That Ron Paul 'Signed Off' On Racist Newsletters

The Washington Post reports that persons with "direct knowledge of Paul's business" say he was involved in the decision to publish racist messages in a newsletter bearing his name. A Paul campaign spokesman says that's not true.

Why A Fight To The Finish May Not Be A Bad Thing

Popular wisdom holds that a long and bitter primary election will hurt the eventual nominee come November. Drawn-out nomination races, the thinking goes, drain coffers and give rivals more time to gather ammunition. But many political analysts say a bruising primary can have certain advantages.
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WaPo's McCartney: Occupy DC May Be Kicked Out, Kings Dominion Wins In Va.

Occupy DC gets a final warning to pack up camp, and the Virginia legislature shoots down a repeal of the "Kings Dominion law." 

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CQ Roll Call: Gingrich's Congressional Record, Weighing STOCK Act


As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has picked up support among Republican primary voters in recent weeks, his record in Congress has come under more scrutiny.



Gingrich, Romney Spar Over Immigration, Money

The four Republican presidential candidates debated in Jacksonville, Fla., Thursday night. It was the 19th debate of the GOP nominating season, and the last one before the state holds its primary on Tuesday.

Santorum Keeps Campaign Focused On Social Issues

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum stunned political observers with his performance in the Iowa caucuses. But he finished fifth in the New Hampshire primary, and a distant third in South Carolina's primary. With just days to go before the Florida primary, Santorum is struggling to get attention as the news media focus on the fight between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Jack Abramoff Explains The 'Lobbyist Safecracker Method'

What do you do if you're a lobbyist and you need to get in the door to talk to a hostile senator? Start rounding up checks.

Santorum: No Money, No Organization, No Quit

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a Christian conservative who adamantly opposes legalized abortion and same-sex marriage, likely won't win Florida, and he's polling nationally at about 16 percent. But he could have a big impact on the GOP race in the Sunshine State and beyond.