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Virginia Senate Race: Familiar Faces, Fresh Pressure

Two former governors are facing off in a race that will help determine which party controls the Senate in 2013. Republican George Allen is doing his best to tie Democrat Tim Kaine to President Obama, who won the state in 2008 but is now struggling with Virginia voters.
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D.C. Residents Help Occupy Congress

The 'Take Back The Capitol' protests began in earnest Tuesday, with D.C. residents among those occupying the offices of Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.


Mitt Romney Declines Donald Trump's Debate Invite

Donald Trump's planned Republican presidential debate lost a major reason for watching it, to see how Mitt Romney would contend with Newt Gingrich, the latest rival to claim frontrunner status. Romney said Tuesday he planned to skip the debate to be moderated by Trump, the TV reality show star and real estate developer.
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The Hill: Sen. McCain's Presidential Endorsement, GOP Leadership In Senate

 The Hill's Alex Bolton says Senator McCain may go back on his promise to stay neutral in the bid for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, potentially tipping the scales in Romney's favor.

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Residents React To Jack Johnson Sentencing

jack johnson

Reaction from residents was mixed to the sentencing of former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson to more than 7 years in federal prison on corruption charges.


Gingerly, GOP Contenders Address Payroll Tax Cut

The payroll tax cut is popular with the American people. That helps explain why President Obama is talking about it so relentlessly — and, perhaps, why Republican presidential candidates have addressed the issue only glancingly.

Judicial Wars Flare As Senate Blocks Obama Nominee

Tuesday's vote seems to signal the end of a 2005 agreement to end the judicial wars in the Senate by barring filibusters except in extraordinary circumstances.
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D.C. Council Approves Ethics Bill

The D.C. Council, including the besieged Harry Thomas Jr., approved an ethics bill Tuesday that would restrict political spending and create an ethics board to oversee violators. The bill will get a final vote in two weeks.