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O'Malley: Wisc. Recall Defeat Doesn't Affect Presidential Election

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley dismissed the notion that the victory for Republican governor Scott Walker had any implications for the presidential election.

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The Fight For The Old Dominion: Analyzing Virginia's Primaries

Kojo talks to experts about the results of this week's primary elections in Virginia.


Leaked Emails Show A Bipartisan Governor Romney

A batch of emails to and from Mitt Romney during his time as governor of Massachusetts, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, reveal a passionate fighter for health care for all, willing to work across the aisle to extend insurance to all his state's citizens. Today when Romney mentions health care, it's nearly always couched in criticism of President Obama's plan. Robert Siegel talks with Mark Maremont of the Wall Street Journal about Mitt Romney then and now.

Obama Warns Eurozone Crisis Could Drag Down U.S.

In a news conference Friday morning, President Obama urged Congress to act on his proposals to create jobs. He also warned of the risks Europe could pose to the U.S. economy. And he rejected accusations that his White House leaked classified national security information for an election year advantage.

U.S. Military's Green Energy Criticized By Congress

The White House and military brass are calling for the development of alternative energy. One goal is cutting dependence on foreign sources. Another is reducing the carbon footprint of the largest fossil fuel consumer in the world. But now some on Capitol Hill are blocking the effort to green the military. Audie Cornish talks with Juliette Kayyem of the Boston Globe about the fight.
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Analysis: House May Cut Its Own Staffs, Budgets

Deep cuts could be coming to the offices of the House leadership and committees under a bill currently under consideration in Congress. 

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Analysis: D.C. Council Regroups, While Silver Line Project Drops PLA

Phil Mendelson and Vincent Orange are seeking interim D.C. Council Chairman seat. Washington Post columnist Bob McCartney talks Kwame and Silver Line as well.


GOP Slams Obama For Saying Private Sector's 'Doing Fine'

President Obama seemed blissfully oblivious during a news conference to the problems he caused himself Friday when he said that "The private sector is doing fine." Republicans pounced, accusing him of being out of touch, among other things.