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Hurricane Sandy, Unwelcome Guest For Elections

Hurricane Sandy has thrown an unexpected curveball into the presidential campaigns, with just over a week left until Election Day. Host Michel Martin discusses how this might impact the race with Pulitzer-prize winning columnist and journalism professor Cynthia Tucker, and Janice Crouse, a senior fellow with Concerned Women for America.

Republicans On Path To Retaining Control Of The House

After three successive "wave" elections in the House, it looks like there will be little net change in 2012. And that means the Republicans are favored to retain the majority they won two years ago.

Impersonating The President: From Will Rogers To Obama's 'Anger Translator'

Elizabeth Blair finds that presidential impersonations came and went and then came back again, but it's not always easy to find just the right angle on a sitting president — or a challenger.

After Election, Winner Will Face Economic Hurdles

Although the situation has improved since four years ago, the man in the Oval Office next year will still have to deal with a sluggish U.S. economy as well as confronting some urgent policy decisions.

Hurricane Sandy And The Week In Politics

Steve Inskeep speaks with Morning Edition regular contributor Cokie Roberts about the week in politics.

The 'Truths' Of Politics Not Quite So True

Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin reports on the "rules" of presidential elections, which pundits often cite, and which are broken every election year.