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In The Hunt For Votes, Romney Heads East To 2008 Iowa Stronghold

With more social conservatives in the race this time around, the Romney camp hopes the evangelical vote will splinter, propelling him to a top-two finish in Iowa.

For Some Iowa Voters, Immigration Is Decisive

GOP presidential candidates are touring Iowa ahead of next week's caucuses. The main issue for many voters there is the economy, but another hot topic is emerging: overhauling immigration policies. Iowa's Hispanic population is surging, and Republican candidates are struggling with how best to deal with voter concerns.

Negative Ads Chip Away At Gingrich's Standing

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich continues his bus tour of Iowa. After leading in the polls, he's had setbacks in recent days. Negative campaign ads by his opponents have hurt him with some voters. And on Tuesday, the former House speaker found his message side tracked by new disclosures involving the divorce from his first wife.

Obama To Nominate 2 Candidates For Fed Vacancies

Harvard professor Jeremy Stein is a Democrat who served as a senior adviser to Obama's Treasury Department. Republican Jerome Powell served at Treasury under the first President Bush.

Reversal On Health Mandate Came Late For Gingrich And Romney

Both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney once supported the requirement that almost everyone have health coverage — a key plank of the federal overhaul. And both GOP presidential hopefuls stuck with that position a lot longer than you might realize.

In Iowa, Romney Ignores Rivals, Targets Obama

On the first of his four-day bus tour in the Hawkeye State, the Republican presidential candidate declared the race for president to be between Obama's vision of an "entitlement society" and his of an "opportunity society." It's a campaign message he unveiled in a recent speech in New Hampshire.

Ahead In New Hampshire, Romney Attempts To Solidify Support

The former Massachusetts governor was citing lofty themes of patriotism on the campaign trail in New Hampshire Tuesday before heading off on a bus tour of Iowa.

With So Many Voices, Will Occupy Still Be Heard?

In just a few months, the movement started a national conversation about inequality. With the end of many encampments, the movement is entering a new phase. Some say this dynamism will ensure success. Others think the movement will fail without political partners and compromise.

Playing The Expectations Game And Other Last-Minute Candidate Tricks

With just one week to go before Iowa voters head to the caucuses, polls show a tight race. What do the GOP candidates need to do to gain an edge?

A Moment From Rick Perry's Time On The Stump

All this week, we're highlighting moments from each of the presidential candidates' stump speeches. Today, we hear from Rick Perry in Muscatine, Iowa.