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Washington's Lesser Known Memorials

Find out why there memorials on federal land honoring victims of communism, a Czech patriot, and women who died on the Titanic...

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Maryland Ballot Question 7: Las Vegas On The Potomac?

Kojo examines the most expensive campaign in Maryland history, and asks what a high-end casino at National Harbor would mean for Prince George's County and the region.

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The Dark Art Of Debate Dodges And Spin

As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney prepare for the second presidential debate, we examine the dark art of debate dodges and spins.


New Regulations Aimed At Black Lung Disease Appear To Be Stalled

United Mine Workers officials suspect the Obama administration doesn't want to move forward on the new rules during the presidential campaign. The federal mine safety chief says the process takes time.
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Analysis: Support For Expanded Gambling In Maryland Unclear, Polls Show Virginia Still Swinging

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the latest in expanded gambling in Maryland, and what the latest poll numbers in Virginia mean.


7 Signals Stolen From The Running Mates' One-Game Playoff

How was the Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan vice presidential debate like a Major League Baseball playoff game? Well, umpires (and moderators) matter, for one. Here's a list.

What's All This Malarkey About Malarkey?

Malarkey is "meaningless talk, nonsense." Vice President Biden said that's what GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan was spreading. Where the word came from is a bit of a mystery.
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Analysis: Obama And Romney Head To Virginia, Prepare For Next Debate

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about Virginia and the latest polling numbers for Obama and Romney.


Casinos Not An Easy Bet For Local Governments

More jurisdictions are turning to gambling to plug budget holes, but some say the economic benefits are exaggerated.