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GOP Intensifies Its Outreach To Latino Voters Focusing On The Economy

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is attempting to end the deficit it's running with Latino voters by stepping up its outreach efforts. The RNC's director of Hispanic outreach Bettina Inclan tells host Scott Simon how Republicans expect to close that gap.

Presidential Fundraising Numbers Poised To Skyrocket

Numbers in for March show GOP candidate Mitt Romney raised $12.6 million and President Obama's re-election effort raised $53 million. But the race is changing, now that Romney is finishing up the GOP primary season. He's also just starting to solicit his primary donors to give again.

Bill Could Complicate U.S.-Russia Relations

Republicans and Democrats don't agree about much on Capitol Hill these days, but there is one bill gaining bipartisan support. It's legislation that would punish human rights violators in Russia by naming them and denying them visas to the U.S. But the Obama administration is not on board yet. U.S. diplomats worry it could complicate relations at a time when the U.S. needs Russia's support most.

It's All Politics, April 19, 2012

With pre-buttals, rebuttals and a "bracketing strategy" unleashed by GOP front-runner Mitt Romney targeting President Obama, the campaign trail is starting to resemble a made-for-TV debate tournament. And a trivia round: We invite you to guess the GOP V.P. pick.
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Analysis: Cantor's Week In Congress A Mixed Bag

David Hawkings of CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing dissects the ups and downs of the House Majority Leader's week in Congress.

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Truth Telling in the Public Interest

What motivates someone to speak out against injustice in the government or private sector?

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Whistleblowers, Leakers and the Obama Administration

The Obama administration is cracking down on government employees who share sensitive information. We explore the blurry line between "leaking" and "whistleblowing"...

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Analysis: Virginia Budget Plan Affects Dulles Rail, D.C. Considers Longer School Days

Virginia lawmakers finally agreed on a new budget plan, but it comes at the expense of the Dulles rail project.


Video Of Children Portraying Adult Criminals Is Withdrawn In Mexico

A video that caused a sensation in Mexico for using child actors to highlight social and political challenges has been removed from both YouTube and the website of the group that produced it. Despite being online for less than a week, "Niños Incómodos" was viewed more than 1.8 million times.