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4 Things To Watch For In Tuesday's Primaries

Voters are going to polls in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware and New York, though turnout is expected to be low. Still, here are four things to watch. Even with Rick Santorum, out of the race, Pennsylvania could still be interesting if Ron Paul's supporters are able to spring a delegate surprise on Mitt Romney.

Does Arizona's Immigration Law Have A Chance?

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday on Arizona's hotly debated immigration law. The court's decision will affect Arizona and other states that have adopted similar legislation. Host Michel Martin talks with one of its authors, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and law professor Gabriel Chin.
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Barry's Latest Gaffe Targets Nurses From Other Countries

D.C. Council member Marion Barry made more disparaging comments about Asians Monday, this time about health and education workers.


Today's Primaries: Gingrich's Swan Song Or Reason To Remain?

Mitt Romney will still be the presumptive nominee. But analysts say Newt Gingrich might win today in Delaware. That could give him a reason to stay in the race.

Obama Tries To Charm Youth Vote With College Stops

President Obama will be touting a plan to keep student loans more affordable. The trip is billed as official business, but it has a political flavor. There will be stops in North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa — all of which are expected to be hard-fought battlegrounds in November.

Romney Keeps Hand Hidden On Running Mate Pick

Though he's been campaigning in Pennsylvania with a man at the center of running-mate speculation — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio — the likely GOP presidential nominee hasn't said much about whom he might choose. Mitt Romney's pick for vice president could help him win an important state or a key voting group.

If The Health Care Overhaul Goes Down, Could Medicare Follow?

Health experts warn that the Medicare system is so intertwined with the Affordable Care Act that if the Supreme Court strikes the law down, "it takes everything with it."
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Maryland Residents Rally For Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

Supporters of a referendum on Maryland's controversial same-sex marriage law rallied in Hagerstown on Monday, hoping to collect the 56,000 signatures needed to get the issue on a November ballot.


In Digital Finance Race, Senate Uses Horse And Buggy

Anyone in America with an Internet connection can know how much presidential candidates are raising and spending within minutes of each filing deadline. Ditto for House members. But the U.S. Senate still goes old school, with mailed-in paperwork, typewriters and a reading room with a photocopier.