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GOP Divided As Supercommittee Eyes Tax Revenue

The divide between supercommittee Democrats and Republicans has been over whether tax revenues should be used to reduce deficits. Some Republican members of the supercommittee are now showing support for the idea, but the issue is dividing the GOP.

Congressional Stock Trades Get Scrutiny

The STOCK Act, a bill that would ban members of Congress from trading stock based on nonpublic information they get because they're lawmakers, has 61 co-sponsors and counting. What's remarkable about this is the STOCK Act had just nine co-sponsors last week.

Energy Secretary Defends Handling Of Solyndra

Energy Secretary Steven Chu makes a long-awaited appearance on Capitol Hill on Thursday to answer questions about Solyndra, the company the administration backed with loans guarantees only to watch it collapse in bankruptcy.
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Local Lawmakers Want More From Super Committee

The deadline for the super committee's deficit reduction bill is looming, and now local lawmakers are pressuring them for more.

Supercommittee Scenarios: How The Debt End Game May Play Out

The congressional panel charged with developing a plan for cutting the nation's deficits by $1.2 trillion over 10 years is days away from its Thanksgiving deadline. While no one can predict exactly what will happen between now and the committee's deadline, here are some possible outcomes.

Automatic Cuts: Necessary Medicine Or Doomsday?

If a congressional supercommittee fails to agree on $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction, it could trigger automatic across-the-board cuts in spending. Both conservatives and liberals fear the cuts could be draconian. But others say the automatic trigger is the only real hope for curbing government spending.