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Hynes Elected Chairwoman Of Arlington County Board

The Arlington County Board elected Mary Hynes as chairman Monday, and she has promised to make engaging with the community a priority on her agenda.


Iowa's Cold Doesn't Stop Campaigns From Heating Up Ahead Of Caucuses

Six GOP candidates — most with family members in tow — shook voters' hands and made their final arguments on the eve of the Iowa caucuses.
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Tobacco Maker Touts Smokers Rights Website

A Richmond-based cigarette maker is touting a new website that gives smokers and consumer-rights advocates interested in tobacco an outlet for their beliefs.


Religion Front And Center On 2012 Campaign Trail

From stump speeches to political ads, religion is a hot-button topic in the presidential campaign. Many of the GOP candidates have emphasized their faith while campaigning, and others have come under fire from opponents and religious leaders for their beliefs.

Poll Predicts Three-Way Nail-Biter In Iowa Caucuses

Candidates made their last-ditch campaign efforts in Iowa Monday ahead of Tuesday's caucuses. The Des Moines Register's Iowa poll predicted a close three-way race between Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Pollster Ann Selzer shares the poll results.

On Eve Of Vote, Romney Returns To 2008 Strongholds

Just a day before Iowa caucus-goers make their decisions, Mitt Romney sought to shore up support in the eastern part of the state. "I think we're surprised to find ourselves in the hunt here in Iowa," one Romney adviser said.

The Caucuses: A Quick Guide

Caucuses are meetings, with schedules, that climax with votes that effectively kick off the 2012 presidential campaign.

In Final Iowa Push, Once-Sunny Gingrich Says Romney 'Will Lie To You'

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich, trying to reverse a slide in the polls, complained about a Supreme Court decision that allows wide-open spending on negative campaign ads.

Iowa Democrats Caucus Too; For Obama Team, It's Practice For November

The focus is naturally on the Republican caucuses Tuesday night in Iowa, because the GOP is the party with a battle going on for its presidential nomination. But the Obama campaign is treating the Democratic caucuses as a dry run for the election.