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Debate Preview: Romney Aide On How GOP Nominee Would Confront Iran

The Republican nominee's campaign says the Obama administration has sent mixed signals. President Obama's top aides say that's not so. That's likely to again be a point of disagreement during Tuesday's debate.

Poll: Romney Has Large Lead In Rural Swing Counties

As Mitt Romney and President Obama get ready for their second debate, a new bipartisan survey shows a surge for Romney in a key voter group following their first debate Oct. 3. The poll of 600 likely rural voters in nine battleground states shows Romney's support stands at 59 percent, while Obama's is down to 37 percent.

Pro-Oil Democrat In The Hunt For N.D. Senate Seat

Given North Dakota's Republican leanings, it was assumed that GOP Rep. Rick Berg would be virtually certain to win the state's open seat in the U.S. Senate. But the most recent poll shows a tossup between Berg and Democrat Heidi Heitkamp.

Study: Secret Donors Significantly Fueling Pro-Romney TV Ads

Most of the TV ads supporting Mitt Romney have come from outside groups, not from Romney's own campaign. And those groups raised more than half of their money from secret donors, a much higher proportion than the secret donors backing President Obama, according to a new analysis.

How Much Power Does The President Really Have?

In three weeks, millions of Americans cast their vote for president in an election that both campaigns depict as a stark choice between two fundamentally different visions for the country. But the chief executive's power is limited in real ways, by Congress, foreign interests, and other players.

Romney's Business Skills Evident In His Strong Debating Style

Mitt Romney's style during the GOP debates and the first presidential debate was fact-filled and assertive, as he tried to demonstrate his mastery of data. Expect more of that Tuesday night. It's a style consistent with someone who's made a lot of corporate boardroom pitches.

Candidates' Views On Poverty Get Little Attention

Neither President Obama nor Republican Mitt Romney has focused much attention on the poor. They've talked about creating jobs and opportunity, but mostly for the middle class. Advocates say Obama's stimulus spending has helped, but Republicans argue that government aid helps keep people in poverty.