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Student Not Sorry For Critical Tweet Of Governor

Emma Sullivan recently sent a tweet criticizing Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. She refused to apologize, despite demands from her school and the governor's office. She and her mother speak with host Michel Martin about the line between manners and free speech. (Advisory: This segment contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.)
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National Journal: Which Markets Will Be Big Players For 2012 Campaign Ads?

Washington, D.C. is likely to rank high among the top media markets targeted for campaign ads during the 2012 race, according to National Journal Hotline's Reid Wilson.


Mitt Romney Courts Florida's Latino Voters

In Florida four years ago, Mitt Romney failed to persuade Republicans that he should be the party's nominee for president. This year, he hopes not to let that happen again. Romney made two quick campaign stops in the state Tuesday, and he made a special effort to appeal to Latino voters.

Barney Frank's Two Top Goals: Protecting Wall St. Reform, Social Spending

Rep. Barney Frank, the long-time liberal voice (and a fast-talking and brusque one at that) who has announced he won't be running for re-election, discussed with NPR's Guy Raz, co-host of All Things Considered, the items of unfinished business he plans attend to during his remaining year in Congress.

GOP Governors Hedge Bets On Health Insurance Exchanges

Thirteen states are receiving $220 million in a new round of grants to help them set up health insurance marketplaces under the health overhaul law; nine of those states are headed by GOP governors. Seven of those governors are part of a multi-state lawsuit challenging the health law.
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The Hill: Filling The Hole Left By Barney Frank

After Barney Frank announced he will not seek reelection, Democrats are going through the complicated process of finding his successor in the House Finance Services Committee.


If Herman Cain Quits The GOP Race, Where Will His Supporters Go?

Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire weigh in on where Cain's supporters might turn if he abandons his presidential bid. Will they join the "rising tide of energy toward Newt?"

Political Affairs Now An Open Book

Allegations of a long-term affair involving Herman Cain offer evidence that presidential candidates can't count on their private lives staying private.

Romney Picks Up Key Endorsements In Florida

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney campaigned in Florida Tuesday — and picked up a few endorsements from Cuban-American lawmakers.