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A Congressional Election In Arizona We All Wish Didn't Have To Take Place

Just as the Wisconsin recall election was portrayed as having national implications for November, many are saying that the message coming out of Tuesday's special election to replace Gabby Giffords goes far beyond Arizona.
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Mendelson And Orange Race For D.C. Council Chair

At-large council members Phil Mendelson and Vincent Orange race to replace Kwame Brown as D.C. Council Chair.

Obama's Deportation Policies Have Failed, Immigrant Advocates Say

Even as President Obama hopes to win re-election with solid support from Latino voters, immigration advocates are lashing out at the administration's revised deportation policies. Critics say despite changes meant to slow deportations of undocumented immigrants who have obeyed laws since illegally entering the country, deportations continue apace.
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Virginia Voters Head To The Polls For Primaries

Republicans and Democrats head to the polls for Tuesday's primary elections.

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Fairfax Aims To Educate Public On Budget Process

Members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are proposing a measure to make the budget process more transparent.


In Giffords' District, It's Former Foe Vs. Former Aide

Tuesday's special election in Arizona will fill the House seat that Gabrielle Giffords is leaving. On one side is Giffords' opponent from 2010; on the other is her former top aide, who was also hurt in the shooting rampage that wounded the congresswoman and killed six others.

Harlem Icon Faces 'Perfect Storm' In Re-Election Bid

After 42 years in office, New York's Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel faces four primary challengers and suggestions that it's time for him to step aside. In some ways, the race is reminiscent of Rangel's 1970 campaign when he unseated the legendary Adam Clayton Powell Jr.