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For South Carolina Voters, Jobs May Matter Most

South Carolina's Lancaster County is solid Republican country — it went for John McCain over President Obama in 2008. It also has a 12.3 percent unemployment rate, which will likely affect how people in Lancaster County vote in Saturday's GOP primary.

Does Regionalism Matter Anymore, Y'all?

If a Northerner winds up winning Saturday's South Carolina primary, you could argue that it's because the good people of Columbia have the same interests, the same concerns and the same passions as the denizens of Des Moines and Nashua.
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Activists Against Citizens United Occupy Supreme Court

With the two-year year anniversary of the controversial Citizens United decision, protesters have taken to the Supreme Court to voice their opposition to corporate personhood.


High Stakes In South Carolina Primary

The GOP presidential hopefuls debated in North Charleston on Thursday. The debate came after Mitt Romney's Iowa win was negated, Newt Gingrich's ex-wife alleged that he requested an open marriage, and Rick Perry quit the race. Host Michel Martin talks politics with GOP strategist Ron Christie and former Obama administration staffer Corey Ealons.

Texas Redistricting Plan Tossed Out By Supreme Court

The battle over district lines is important because the state is getting four new House seats. The Supreme Court says justices in Texas should not have ignored the state legislature's wishes.
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CQ Roll Call: Reid Pulls PIPA, Daniels To Deliver SOTU Response

Vote on SOPA, PIPA bills postponed, how the Internet took Congress by surprise, and gearing up for the State of the Union.

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Alexandria City Council Prepares To Vote On Waterfront Plan

The Alexandria City Council is preparing to vote on a comprehensive redevelopment plan for its waterfront. The plan has been more than a year in the making, and some opponents are still trying to derail the changes.


VIDEO: Obama Sings In Harlem; Channels A Little Al Green

Last night at a campaign fundraiser in Harlem's Apollo Theater, he briefly broke into song with a bit of Let's Stay Together. Obama joins a long line of presidents with some musical talent.
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Race For Ward 5 Council Seat Officially Begins

The race for the D.C. Council seat of former Council member Harry Thomas Jr. began Friday, as potential candidates can pick up petitions and begin collecting signatures to get on the May ballot.


Four Headlines From Thursday's GOP Debate

One news nugget almost lost in the attention paid to Newt Gingrich's angry response to a question about things an ex-wive has said about their marriage: He said her claim that he wanted an open marriage "is false."