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Candidates' Views On Poverty Get Little Attention

Neither President Obama nor Republican Mitt Romney has focused much attention on the poor. They've talked about creating jobs and opportunity, but mostly for the middle class. Advocates say Obama's stimulus spending has helped, but Republicans argue that government aid helps keep people in poverty.

Report: Probe Of Rep. Jesse Jackson Focuses On Use Of Campaign Funds

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The Wall Street Journal says it has learned that federal investigators are looking into whether the Democratic lawmaker used campaign funds to redecorate his home in Washington, D.C. He has been largely out of sight for months while being treated for bipolar depression.


The Not-So-Great Communicator: Is Obama Overrated As A Speaker?

Since becoming president, Obama's rhetorical triumphs have been just that: moving speeches delivered on ceremonial occasions. When it comes to policy and attempts to move public opinion, the silver-tongued Obama has largely been absent.

Which Polls To Believe As Election Nears?

A poll out from ABC News and The Washington Post on Monday, shows President Obama with a slight edge over GOP nominee Mitt Romney. As the candidates head into Tuesday night's debate, host Michel Martin gets the latest on election news from Republican strategist Ron Christie and Corey Ealons, a former Obama White House advisor.

Chicano Activist Sees Dream Live On In Her Sons

Rosie Castro was a Mexican-American civil rights activist during the 1970s. She passed down her passion for change to her children: Texas State Representative Joaquin Castro and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Rosie Castro speaks with host Michel Martin about the Chicano movement and raising her twin sons.

What They're Saying In Swing Counties

A study of online conversation finds some big differences in geographically distinct parts of Florida around the issue of unemployment. This kind of information could be important to President Obama and Mitt Romney in how they shape their messages while visiting the state, and in advertisements.

A Fighter To The End, Arlen Specter Seemed To Thrive On Controversy

Over the course of three decades in the Senate, Specter's vote could be one of the hardest to get, and often the vote that made the difference. He died Sunday at the age of 82.
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Norton To Push Budget Autonomy During Lame Duck

D.C.'s non-voting member of Congress is hoping to convince lawmakers to vote on budget autonomy for the District during the lame-duck session after the November election.