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How Third-Party Candidates Fared

Two independent candidates won their Senate races on Tuesday, but third-party candidates barely put a dent in the presidential outcome.

Gubernatorial Battles: Republican Takes N.C., Democrat Wins N.H.

Voters in North Carolina put a Republican in their governor's office for the first time in two decades, and New Hampshire elected a new female Democratic governor. But the closely watched races in Montana and Washington, where Democrats currently serve as governors, remained too close to call.

Post-'Citizens United' Senate Snapshot: Money Doesn't Guarantee Victory

The battle for the Senate was a proving ground for the new Citizens United politics. Outside groups unleashed heavily funded barrages of attack ads meant to help elect candidates while letting them keep their distance from the nastiness. In Ohio and Virginia, the tactic failed in rather dramatic ways.

On The Issues: How Obama Prevailed

The economy wasn't the only issue that voters were concentrating on, and President Obama's message in several other key areas during the debates and in campaign speeches contributed to his victory.

Social Media Likes 'I Voted' Stickers

Proudly displayed by voters on their foreheads, their children and even their dogs, the ubiquitous "I Voted" sticker became a social media star on Tuesday.

Heavy Turnout, Confusion Over Voter ID Causes Some Issues

Election Day brought the usual reports of malfunctioning voting machines, and voting-rights lawyers said they received reports from Pennsylvania that some residents were erroneously being told they needed photo ID. But even in battleground states, there were few reports of major problems by late evening.

A Possible Sweep For Gay Marriage Measures

For the first time, voters have approved marriage rights for same-sex couples. Voters also considered a slew of other ballot measures related to marijuana use, union regulation and taxes.

Battleground States Carry Obama To Second Term

By holding the "Midwest firewall" — including Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan — the president handily defeated challenger Mitt Romney. Obama won seven of the eight battleground states and is ahead in Florida, the final battleground.

Republicans Keep The House; Democrats Likely To Retain Senate

Republicans need a net gain of just three or four seats to take over the Senate and — assuming they keep the House — consolidate influence on Capitol Hill. Despite the favorable election arithmetic, Republicans are foundering in several key Senate races and face an uphill battle.