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Rubio Tries To Clarify How His Family Left Cuba

GOP rising star Sen. Marco Rubio caught heat last week for his Senate bio that misstated when his family left Cuba for the U.S., a detail of some relevance in his home state of Florida. But in explaining his side of the story in a Politico op-ed, Rubio laid out a narrative dramatically different from the one he provided to NPR in late 2009.

Perry Shakes Up Campaign Leadership With Bush and Dole Operatives

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's struggling campaign turns to tried-and-true Republican operatives to shore up its efforts as weeks tick down to primary season. One is a veteran of disaster management.

Obama's Executive-Power Use Shows He Still Holds Some Cards

An advantage of being the incumbent in the Oval Office seeking re-election was readily evident Monday in President Obama's roll-out of his administration's latest effort to help struggling homeowners. The president's executive power allows him to actually put into effect real changes as opposed to merely proposing them which is pretty much all the Republican presidential candidates can do.
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CQ Roll Call: Obama's New Economic Initiatives Could Frustrate Congress, Republicans Have Edge On Redistricting

Obama's forthcoming series of economic initiatives that would not require Congressional support could boil up more frustrations in Congress.

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If Super Committee Misses Mark, Bad News For Contractors

Federal contractors are getting worried about impacts on the private sector if the super committee fails to reach a deal to cut the deficit by more than $1 trillion. 


Obama's Iraq Announcement And The GOP Race

As President Obama focuses this week on housing and jobs, Republican White House hopefuls are keeping up a drumbeat of criticism over his announcement last week that all U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by the end of this year. In debates and on the stump, the GOP candidates are attacking each other but also maintaining a steady anti-Obama refrain.