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Newt Gingrich Rally In Arlington Tonight

Newt Gingrich will campaign in Virginia today, and will hold a rally in Rosslyn at 7 p.m. Gingrich appears to have pulled ahead of Mitt Romney among Virginia Republicans, according to a new poll released today.


Taking Nothing For Granted, Romney Launches N.H. Bus Tour

Somehow there are still New Hampshire voters who remain undecided about former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney — despite the fact that he's practically camped out in their living rooms for the last four years.
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Virginia Committee Seeks Changes To Assisted Living Laws

A Virginia General Ssembly internal watchdog group is calling for osme changes to laws governing funding for senior citizen assisted living programs.


Romney, Gingrich Spar Over Negative Super PAC Ads

There's a spirited debate going on between GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. A Super PAC called Restore Our Future is running negative ads against Gingrich on Romney's behalf. Gingrich called on Romney to get the ads off the air. Romney responded by saying the law does not allow him to communicate with a Super PAC.

In A Year Of Partisan Brawls, Congress Goes One More Round

At stake are billions of dollars in tax breaks and unemployment benefits for millions of Americans set to expire Jan. 1, after the House rejected a bill that would have extended jobless benefits and the payroll tax holiday for two months.

Romney Focuses On N.H. Primary Over Iowa Caucuses

Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney is on a campaign swing through New Hampshire. With the Iowa caucuses fast approaching, Romney is instead shoring up his position in the state that is key to his primary campaign strategy.

In Iowa, The Final GOP Ground Game Takes Shape

The Iowa caucuses are two weeks from Tuesday. And the biggest challenge for GOP presidential candidates is still ahead: getting their supporters to turn out on a cold January night. Get-out-the-vote efforts could make all the difference in a race that now appears to be up for grabs.