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Candidates' Stance on Immigration Scrutinized Ahead Of Florida Primary

Florida is arguably the only state where Latino Republican voters matter in presidential primaries, thanks to the fiercely party-loyal bloc of Cuban Americans in South Florida. And the candidate squarely in the crosshairs of Latino and pro-immigrant groups in the Sunshine State is Mitt Romney.

What To Expect From 2012 State Of The Union

President Barack Obama delivers his third State of the Union speech in the House chambers Tuesday night. In his 2012 address, he is expected to focus on jobs and the government's efforts to boost the economy and reduce economic inequality.
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Virginia Delegate Fights For Incandescent Bulbs

A Virginia delegate is introducing legislation that would counter the federal government's plan to phase out incandescent bulbs for more energy-efficient fluorescents.

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Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down, Expected To Attend State Of The Union

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' announcement to step down from Congress adds one more election to a year already packed with races across the country.


How Newt Gingrich Changes GOP Race With S.C. Win

Gingrich earned a decisive win in the South Carolina primary, so now the Republican presidential nomination race has three different winners in three different states. Host Michel Martin explores what this means going into the Florida primary, and previews the State of the Union speech. She hears from journalists Mary Kate Cary and Cynthia Tucker.
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Anti-Abortion Protesters Rally On The Mall

March for Life protesters are planning to march from Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court building, in opposition to Roe vs. Wade.


Rollicking Republican Battle On For 'Swing Part Of The Swing State' Of Florida

The Republican presidential contest moves from small ball to big time in Florida for a Jan. 31 primary in which some 4 million state Republicans are eligible to vote. Nearly half live along the Interstate 4 corridor, the "highway to political heaven" running coast to coast from Tampa to Daytona Beach.