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States Looking To Make Some Taxes Less Inevitable

Governors in some states are looking to not only cut taxes but eliminate certain kinds of them altogether. But many lawmakers are worried their states won't be able to pay the bills if they eliminate income or property taxes.

Gingrich Out Of The Race, But Still In Debt

The former House speaker said Wednesday that he's suspending his presidential campaign, and he's ready to help the presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, battle President Obama. But Newt Gingrich might have a more pressing problem: His campaign has about $4 million in debt.

That New Friend You Made On Facebook? He Might Be Named Mitt Or Barack

So far this campaign, President Obama has spent six times as much on online ads as on TV. Republicans, meanwhile, have unveiled a key to their online strategy: a new Facebook app.

Could Electoral College Calculus Give Obama An Edge?

Right now, the Electoral College map is looking better for the president than the national polls, says NPR's Ron Elving.

Romney's Praise Of Gingrich Leads Fox Anchor To Call Politics 'Weird, Creepy'

While Mitt Romney was willing to play nice with Newt Gingrich after the latter officially ended his presidential bid, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith was having none of it.
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Where Should Fairfax County Widen Route 1?

Residents and officials in Fairfax County are debating about where to expand Route One — two proposed locations both come with their own set of drawbacks.


GOP 'Young Guns' Group Takes Heat In Indiana Senate Race

"Young Guns" is a brand created in part by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Former aides of his have started YG groups that are playing a role in congressional primaries. A recent mailer from YG Network in Indiana sent a message that upset some conservatives there.
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Maryland Lawmakers Confident They Will Avoid 'Doomsday Budget'

With the threat of $512 million in cuts looming at the end of the month, Maryland lawmakers have expressed confidence they will be able to hack out a budget deal in a special session a couple weeks from now.


Before Recall, Wis. Dems Must Choose Walker's Rival

The political civil war that has gripped Wisconsin since Republican Gov. Scott Walker's 2010 election intensifies Tuesday when Democrats pick a candidate to face Walker in a historic June 5 recall election. A new poll shows Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett leading former county executive Kathleen Falk.