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A Potential Superhero For The Supercommittee

At a hearing before the bipartisan deficit-cutting panel on Tuesday, the head of the Congressional Budget Office managed to short-circuit partisan bickering over the debt by laying out some facts: Trimming around the edges is not going to be enough to slash the deficit this fall, Doug Elmendorf warned.

Pediatricians Fact-Check Bachmann's Bashing of HPV Vaccine

The American Academy of Pediatrics said there is no validity to statements that a vaccine against cervical cancer is dangerous and can lead to mental retardation.

Editor of PolitiFact Discusses GOP Debate

Melissa Block talks with Bill Adair, editor of PolitiFact.com, about some of the claims made by Republican presidential candidates during last night's debate. Do they stack up?

Ohio Republicans React To Monday's Debate

In Chillicothe, Ohio, Robert Siegel spends the evening with three Ross County GOP leaders as they watch and listen to the CNN- and Tea Party Express-sponsored presidential debate in Tampa, Fla. All three heavily favored Texas Gov. Rick Perry going into the debate and emerged unchanged. They like the entire field — and think it's way too soon for anyone to drop out. Their main disagreements were over Rep. Ron Paul's assessment of our military involvement abroad.

House Passes FAA Extension


After a partial shutdown of airport operations in July and much disagreement about renewing highway programs, Congress is trying out a compromise. On Tuesday, the House approved a measure to keep the Federal Aviation Administration running until the end of January and to extend highway programs — and the federal gas tax — until the end of March.


An Interrogator Writes 'The Inside Story Of 9/11'

Former FBI agent and interrogator Ali Soufan talks about dysfunction and rivalries inside the government's counterterrorism agencies that led to missed opportunities — as well as the ineffectiveness of enhanced interrogation techniques on collecting intelligence.

Perry's Social Security Take: Boon For Rivals, Bane For Party

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the Republican presidential frontrunner, has tried to walk back his more incendiary comments about Social Security, but his opponents aren't about to let voters forget.

'Sparks Flew' At GOP Debate; Perry Took Most Of The Fire

The other Republican presidential contenders spent much of the evening going after Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Some Tea Party supporters who were in the audience didn't like what they heard about him.