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Fast And Furious Questions For U.S. Attorney General

Eric Holder faced scrutiny from the Republican-dominated House Judiciary Committee on Thursday regarding the "Fast and Furious" initiative meant to keep guns from reaching Mexican cartels. Holder denied misleading Congress when hundreds of weapons were found at border town crime scenes.

Corzine Dodges Blame For MF Global's Collapse

Jon Corzine, the former CEO of MF Global, has mostly kept silent since the firm imploded and filed for bankruptcy. Thursday, he had a chance to open up. In a rare act of bipartisanship, the House Agriculture Committee voted unanimously to subpoena Corzine, a former New Jersey senator and governor. Speaking before the panel Thursday, Corzine tried to dodge blame for the company's collapse.

Obama Slams GOP For Blocking Consumer Nominee

President Obama held a brief but wide-ranging news conference Thursday. He began with a brief statement criticizing Senate Republicans for blocking his nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He also responded to questions talked about Iran, Plan B, a proposed extension of unemployment insurance benefits and Osama bin Laden.

Obama: 'Ask Osama Bin Laden' If I'm An Appeaser

Republican presidential contenders have said the president engages in appeasement when it comes to foreign policy. His response pointed to the May killing of the al-Qaida leader.

Professor Gingrich And The Lessons (And Lecture Notes) Of History

Notes from Gingrich's 1994 college course "Renewing American Civilization" include his thoughts on American exceptionalism and how to turn distressed urban areas into places where people can "pursue happiness without fear."

GOP Senators Block Consumer Protection Pick

Republicans joined together to stop a vote on the nomination of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to run the new federal consumer protection agency.