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Republicans Still Need To Win Over Female Voters

For Mitt Romney to win the presidency, he'll have to close the gender gap. Polls show female voters favor President Obama over Romney by wide margins. Robert Siegel sat down with Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire to ask her about women and the GOP.

Judge Throws Out Parts Of New Florida Voting Law

Melissa Block speaks with Matt Dixon, statehouse reporter for The Florida Times-Union, about a provision of a Florida law that tightened submission deadlines for groups running voter registration drives. It changed them from 10 days after they had been filled out to 48 hours, with a $1,000-a-day late fine. A U.S. district judge now plans to file a permanent injunction against the law.

Romney's Road To The Nomination A Bumpy One

On Thursday night Mitt Romney will formally accept his party's nomination for President. We look back on the road that led to that moment.

End Of The 'Tell President Obama' Ads?

Remember the command from TV ads through the spring and summer? "Tell President Obama to" stop spending, or increase oil production, or whatever. Those three little words are now largely gone, and for the same reason they were ever used: so groups running the ads can keep their donors secret.
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Virginia Republicans Brace For Their Own Convention Next Year

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling renewed their verbal sparring, each suggesting that next May's convention format favors his candidacy for governor.


Reports: Clint Eastwood Will Make Republicans' Day

There was speculation earlier in the week that "Dirty Harry" would make an appearance at the GOP convention. Now we're seeing reports that it's confirmed.


Janesville Debate: Dissecting Ryan's Claim, Obama's 'Promise' & The Facts

There are claims flying back and forth today over whether Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has falsely accused President Obama of breaking a promise to make sure a GM plant in Ryan's hometown stayed open. Let's look at the facts.


CNN Camerawoman: Racial Taunts Aimed At Her Could Happen Anywhere

"This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue," CNN camerawoman Patricia Carroll says of an ugly incident that happened inside the arena at the Republican National Convention.