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'My Two Moms' Author To Highlight Gay Rights At Convention

A man who gained national attention for his story of growing up with lesbian mothers is scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. Zach Wahls says he wants to send the message that kids who grow up in families like his turn out just fine.


Obama Neutralizes A Typical Source Of GOP Strength: Foreign Policy

Having given the order to kill Osama bin Laden, President Obama has silenced decades of Republican carping that Democrats are weak on defense. That still might not win the president many votes, however.


Revised Platform Elicits Boos At DNC In Charlotte

It was an unusual unscripted moment at the Democratic convention. Wednesday, a chorus of "boos" erupted when the chairman called a vote to add a mention of God to the party platform and reaffirm Jerusalem as capital of Israel. NPR.org Washington correspondent Liz Halloran talks about the dustup.

Obama Was 'Spewing Coals' When Budget Deal Collapsed, Boehner Says

When talks fell part in July 2011, "I was pretty angry," the president tells Bob Woodward. The Washington Post journalist's latest book is coming out next week.

In High-Stakes Speech, Obama Seeks To Shift The Argument Forward

The theme of the Democratic Convention has been "Forward." In accepting the party's nomination tonight, President Obama has to answer the question, "Forward to what?" And he may take a page from Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1936 renomination speech.
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Is The District's National Political Power On The Wane?

As D.C. Democrats struggle to have their voices heard at the convention in Charlotte, we ask WAMU 88.5's Patrick Madden why the city is apparently at a low ebb when it comes to national power and influence.


Mormon Democrats On Drawing On Faith For Politics

For the first time, a Mormon is leading the GOP ticket. The vast majority of Mormons identify as Republican or conservative, according to Pew Research Center. But some Mormon Democrats say their numbers are growing. Host Michel Martin speaks with a roundtable of Mormons who find inspiration in their faith for liberal political positions.

Do Democrats Have A Gender Gap Problem?

Among women, Latinos and African-Americans, President Obama leads GOP nominee Mitt Romney. But the presidential election is a dead heat. Some say that's because the Democratic Party is struggling to get the support of white men. Host Michel Martin speaks with Delaware Governor Jack Markell about what the party can do to narrow that gender gap.

When It Comes To Education, Two Peas In A Pod?

President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney disagree on a number of issues. But there are some aspects of education policy on which the two candidates are hand-in-hand. Host Michel Martin speaks with Education Week reporter Alyson Klein, who has compared each campaign's message on education.