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Obama Releases Deficit Plan

Before heading to the United Nations meeting Monday afternoon, President Obama released his plan to get control of the federal deficit.

Cherokee Nation Faces Scrutiny For Expelling Blacks

The Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma is risking millions in federal funding after its decision to expel about 2,800 African-American members. Known as Freedmen, these members are descendants of slaves owned by Cherokees, and some wonder if the move is racist.

The Details, And Politics, Of Obama's Deficit Plan

President Barack Obama's deficit-reduction plan seeks to reduce the federal deficit by more than $3 trillion over a decade. NPR's Ron Elving describes the details of the plan and the politics surrounding its reception — and its possible fate — in Washington.

Obama Signals GOP 2012 Election To Be Referendum On Rich's Taxes

ANALYSIS: If the 2012 election is a referendum on President Obama, it could be curtains for his hopes of a second term because the economy is making too many voters unhappy. But if it's a choice, Obama could win by persuading enough voters that his approach with a balance of spending cuts and higher taxes on the wealthy is closer to their values.
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CQ Roll Call: Obama Unveils Deficit Reduction Proposal, Congress Annoyed With DNC Ads

CQ Roll Call Daily Brieifing editor David Hawkings gives an analysis on Obama's deficit reduction proposal and Congress' reaction to DNC ads proposing his jobs plan. 


Details Of Obama's Debt Plan

President Obama recently announced his plan to bring down the federal deficit. For the details, David Greene talks with NPR's Mara Liasson.