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Foodie History: Cookbooks And American Food Culture

Home cooks have long relied on cookbooks for inspiration and practical education in the kitchen. But cookbooks also serve as interesting historical documents.

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A 'Bar Exam' For Teachers?

One of the country's largest teachers' unions, the AFT, is proposing rigorous new credentials for teachers, similar to the bar exam for lawyers. We explore this and other education reform issues with Randi Weingarten, head of the AFT.

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Debating Government Arts Funding

As the showdown over averting the "fiscal cliff" heats up, funding for the arts isnt making headlines. But arts organizations fear big cuts, while conservatives hope to make their case for the separation of art and state. We explore the future of public arts funding.


Rice Controversy Raises Ayotte's Profile

For many Americans, New Hampshire freshman Sen. Kelly Ayotte is a brand-new face. But she campaigned this year with presidential candidate Mitt Romney and was mentioned as a possible running mate. Now, she has joined veteran Republican senators in raising questions about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

Boehner: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations At A 'Stalemate'

President Obama traveled to the the Philadelphia suburbs on Friday. He visited the maker of Tinker Toys and talked about the impact of tax hikes on consumers this Christmas season.

2012 Election The Most Expensive In History

Robert Siegel talks to Tom Hamburger of The Washington Post, and Melanie Mason of The Los Angeles Times about how much money campaign consultants made from the presidential election this year.

Kerry: In The Shadow Of Rice's Firestorm

The fight over U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice's potential nomination for secretary of state has left Sen. John Kerry in an odd spot because he could be up for the Cabinet post, too. Once a vocal defender of Rice, Kerry has kept quiet lately.